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Episode 205 - 

Join our hosts through an in-depth analysis of "Delicate" off of reputation. We discuss the clever way the sound of the song evolves alongside the lyrics, and as always, open your minds to the lyrics in a whole new way. 

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It's a doggy sort of episode :-) 

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Episode 204 - Don't blame this song on being what our panel unanimously agrees is the absolute BEST of the first four tracks off of Reputation. 

As a writer, Taylor expertly uses drugs as a metaphor to perfectly capture the anxiousness, excitement, nervousness, and overall craziness that is one's experience with true love. 

In the "darkest little paradise"...?? What's that, Taylor? An unmentionable place, perhaps? 

This song certainly has more than meets the eye... or rather, ear. Listen in as our hosts take an otherwise G-rated podcast into potentially R-rated territory.  

But hey.. Taylor wrote it. We just analyze it. 

Happy listening :-) 

Episode 203 - Why's it feel so good, Taylor Nation? 

Warning.. If Taylor says it, we can say it! We may or may not have dropped a few swear words in this episode as we walk through an in-depth analysis of "I Did Something Bad."

Our hosts explore how this track connects to the larger album-wide theme of how one's reputation is formed, how Taylor uses a literary device called antithesis to place emphasis on important concepts, and how her references to the Salem witch trials and possibly the play The Crucible are shown through a modern day lens of media and fan frenzies. 

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This is an episode you DON'T want to miss! Happy listening :-) 

Episode 202 - 

Join our panel as we dive deep into the themes of Taylor Swift's new song, End Game, followed by a thorough lyric analysis to see how Taylor, Ed Sheeran, and Future bring those themes to life!

Discussing a song filled with idioms, and clever metaphors painting a picture of multiple stories from the perspectives of three artists, this is not a discussion you will want to miss! 

Happy listening :-) 

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Episode 201 - 

Join our panel for an in-depth analysis of "...Ready For It?" and its accompanying music video. 

We take you through some random theories including unique ones (Joe and Taylor = Bonnie and Clyde?), and then decide if some popular online theories merit any attention. 

Fun Fact - On November 1, Taylor Talk will be SIX YEARS OLD! 

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Episode 200 - Look what you made US do, Taylor! 

Since Taylor decided to come out of "retirement," so did the team at Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast.

In episode 200, the first published in a year and 1/2, our hosts take you through a fascinating and in-depth analysis of Taylor's latest single, "Look What You Made Me Do." 

Contrary to popular belief, two of our three hosts do NOT believe this song is a Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, or Katy Perry "diss," but rather a song more focused on Taylor, herself.

How do we argue that point? Well give episode 200 a listen and find out! 

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Episode 199 - 

She lost him, but she found herself, and somehow, that was everything. In Episode 199 of Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast, we discuss Taylor Swift’s most recent music video for her new single “Out of the Woods.” Before 1989 was released, Taylor said that “Out of the Woods” was representational of the entire album. It seems fitting then, that “Out of the Woods” would be released as Taylor’s last single off 1989… or is it? Let us know if you think Taylor will come out with anymore singles from the 1989 era. Meanwhile, enjoy the episode as we analyze the “Out of the Woods” music video!


Highlights from Episode 121 of Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast

Main Discussion: “Out of the Woods” Music Video

– When you’re on the beach minding your own business and trees literally materialize around you.

– Diane doesn’t like it when wolves are portrayed as evil.

– Did Taylor just jump off a cliff?!?

– We discuss the symbolism behind the extreme elements Taylor encounters.

– What would you rank “Out of the Woods” on a scale of 1-13?

Other Topics:

– Fancy an audio book? Check out our sponsors, Audible, to receive a free audiobook of your choice. Visit http://audible.com/taylor for details.

– We have some BIG news this episode. BIG NEWS.

– What are Swifties listening to? A listener and your hosts give you tons of song suggestions.

– “Never say goodbye because goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting.” – J.M. Barrie

– Adam, Steve, and I want to thank you, the listeners, for all the support you’ve given the show for the past four years. We LOVE you!!

Episode 198 - 

You are (still) the best thing that’s ever been mine. In Episode 198 of Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast, we bring you a Taylor Talk Classic: the song analysis of “Mine.” We chose this episode in honor of Rachel. This past week, in Brisbane, Australia, Taylor Swift performed “Mine” on the b-stage in honor of a fan, Rachel, who was tragically killed in a car accident with her mother. This touching song about love that endures all is a Swifty favorite. Let us know what you think of the song. Enjoy the Taylor Talk flashback!


Taylor Swift, you are the best thing that’s ever been mine!In Episode 121 of Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast, your hosts discuss “Mine” in honor of this past Valentines Day. “Mine” is perhaps one of Taylor’s only true love songs, but is it actually true or just a day dream? Contact us to let us know what you think of the song. In other news, the RED Tour is coming to Asia. Check out taylorswift.com/REDtourAsia for tour dates and where to buy tickets. Enjoy the show!

Highlights from Episode 121 of Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast

Main Discussion: “Mine” Song Analysis:

– Taylor said this song is about “finding someone who would make you believe in love”

– We love the depth the music video adds to the line “you made a rebel of a careless man’s careful daughter.”

– How crazy was it to see Taylor Swift pregnant in the video?

– Fun fact: Taylor Swift picked her music video sons after meeting them in an ice cream parlor in Nashville.

– Diane fangirls remembering when Taylor performing “Mine” live on the b-stage in Indiana.

Other Topics:

– What do you think of Taylor’s new short haircut?

– Hooray! The RED Tour is coming to Asia!

– We’re dusting off our ask.fm account, so if you ask us something, we’ll answer 

– If Taylor were an Olympic athlete, what sport would she participate in?

– If Swifties ruled the world, a “pathetic single girls party” will be a holiday

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Episode 197 - 

THE BOYS ARE BACK IN TOWN! In Episode 197, we have an all-guys panel to discuss Taylor Swift’s song “How You Get the Girl,” a manual on how to get a girl back after you messed up the relationship. The guys discuss the cinematic style of the song, whether or not the female character is a strong one, and have a heated debate over the validity of the Taylor Talk 13-point song rating system. Diane isn’t a fan of “How You Get the Girl” and the all-guys panel has differing opinions on the song, but what do you think? Leave your comments below (and vote which guy should stay on Taylor Talk… heheh). Enjoy the episode!

Highlights from Episode 197 of Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast

Main Discussion: “How You Get The Girl” Song Analysis

– Fun Fact: Steve was on the first all guys episode, and then never left the show. Vote in the poll to see which guy should stay this time!

– Does the treatment of the female character in the song support feminism?

– “How You Get the Girl” should really be called “How You Get the Girl BACK.”

– This song is written like it’s straight out of a 1980’s John Hughes movie. Even the title is cinematic.

– The word “ghost” keeps haunting Taylor Swift’s songs. What’s the meaning of the word “ghost” in this song?

– “How You Get the Girl” is reminiscent of the Speak Now Era.

– The panel gets HEATED about the 13-point scale rating system. You do not give a Taylor Swift song less than a 13 EVER, says Adam.


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– Eric Scull: @spielerman, Mugglecast, Game of Owns, Improvised Star Trek

– Agustin: @theswiftagency, TheSwiftAgency.com, NeverThinkImpossible.com


– November 28: The 1989 World Tour – Sydney, Australia

– December 5: The 1989 World Tour – Brisbane, Australia

– December 7: The 1989 World Tour – Adelaide, Australia

Episode 196 - 

From our living room to yours, we bring you Taylor Talk Live! Episode 196 was recorded live to our listeners via Youtube on November 7th 3pm PST / 6pm EST. You can watch the Youtube version or listen on iTunes to hear us discuss the end of the US 1989 Tour. We analyze the setlist, costumes, and compare the 1989 Tour to Taylor’s other tours. If you have seen the 1989 Tour, was it your favorite tour or does another tour hold a special place in your heart? Enjoy the episode!


Highlights from Episode 196 of Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast

Main Discussion: The 1989 World Tour Wrap Up

– In the four years Taylor Talk has been on the air, we’ve had over 3.7 million downloads! What!

– Adam inspires us (bores us) with more Taylor Talk statistics.

– Did you know that Taylor gave every single fan a present at each concert?

– The Setlist — What was your favorite performance? Any songs you wished would have been included on tour?

– Everyone was excited about all the male dancers on tour.

– Listener engagement really made this episode fun! We loved hearing from you on twitter #TaylorTalkLive.

– Some lucky winners will get their Taylor Talk t-shirts very soon!

– See a complete list of the 1989 World Tour special guests on theswiftagency.com.

– Check out Steve’s 1989 Special Guest playlist on Spotify.



– November 10, 11, 12: The 1989 World Tour – Shanghai, China 


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