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Episode 119 - Wanna see you pick up your phone and play this "Girl At Home" song analysis episode of Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast! In Episode 119, your hosts -- Adam, Maya, Diane, Sami, and Steve -- break down the perhaps forgotten Taylor Swift song, "Girl At Home." None of the hosts listen to this song too frequently, but we do recognize how this song communicates Taylor's upstanding morals and her unwavering ability to forgive. Let us know what you think of the song. Happy listening!

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Highlights from Episode 119 of Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast:

Main Discussion - "Girl At Home" Song Analysis:

- We discuss the disconnect between the up-beat lyrics and the serious subject matter.

- Who is this song about? Harry Styles? Zac Efron? Or someone we don't know?

- "Should've Said No" theory: This song could be related & told from the other woman's point of view.

- "It would be a fine proposition, if I hadn't once been just like her." What do you think she means here?

- This song may be about a touchy topic, but it speaks to Taylor's forgiveness and good morals. 

- Sami wants to see a Taylor Swift music video without *gasp* Taylor! She wants to see a soundtrack for the story.

Other Topics:

- Why don't people understand Taylor's hair flip from her "All Too Well" Grammy performance?

- Find out how to win a RED Tour Lithograph at TaylorTalk.org/Contest. Listen to the whole episode for a code word to increase your chances of winning!

- Taylor was nominated for FIVE ACMS. Hooray! Check out all the nominees at acmawards.com/nominees. Voting for EnterTAYner of the Year begins on March 24th on VoteACM.com. Stay tuned for reminders!

- Sami from @TSwiftOnTour gives us a RED Tour update for the first two London O2 shows. 

- That awkward moment when a fan bypasses security to join Taylor on stage. 

- We think Ed Sheeran's new kitten, Graham, and Meredith should be best buddies/have kittens.

- What are Swifties listening to? "Play It Again" by Luke Bryan.

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