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Episode 202 - 

Join our panel as we dive deep into the themes of Taylor Swift's new song, End Game, followed by a thorough lyric analysis to see how Taylor, Ed Sheeran, and Future bring those themes to life!

Discussing a song filled with idioms, and clever metaphors painting a picture of multiple stories from the perspectives of three artists, this is not a discussion you will want to miss! 

Happy listening :-) 

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Episode 201 - 

Join our panel for an in-depth analysis of "...Ready For It?" and its accompanying music video. 

We take you through some random theories including unique ones (Joe and Taylor = Bonnie and Clyde?), and then decide if some popular online theories merit any attention. 

Fun Fact - On November 1, Taylor Talk will be SIX YEARS OLD! 

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Episode 200 - Look what you made US do, Taylor! 

Since Taylor decided to come out of "retirement," so did the team at Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast.

In episode 200, the first published in a year and 1/2, our hosts take you through a fascinating and in-depth analysis of Taylor's latest single, "Look What You Made Me Do." 

Contrary to popular belief, two of our three hosts do NOT believe this song is a Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, or Katy Perry "diss," but rather a song more focused on Taylor, herself.

How do we argue that point? Well give episode 200 a listen and find out! 

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