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Episode 17 

  • The all-girls EXTRAVAGANZA!!! 
  • Happy Birthday song to Liz Huett
  • The latest Taylor Swift News
  • An in-depth discussion about Taylor Swift's fashion (Hair, clothing, shoes, etc)
  • Analysis of "Picture to Burn"
  • Mini Segments (If Swifties Ruled The World, You Know You're A Swifty When, WWTD?, What Are Swifties Listening To?)

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Episode 16 

  • Special Mothers Day Edition dedicated to Andrea Swift (Taylor’s awesome Mom!)
  • Happy Birthday, Paul Sidoti
  • Did you know TaylorSwift.com had a section on it called “Taylor Talk” back in 2003? How cool is that?!?! Check it out for yourself!!
  • Taylor is up for TWO Billboard Music Awards and THREE CMT Awards, so go vote!!
  • We do a follow up discussion to our Special Edition Episode on Taylor Swift’s collaboration with B.o.B now that we have more details.
  • You Know You’re A Swifty When/If Swifties Ruled The World..
  • Special guest, Eric Scull, of Mugglenet.com and Mugglecast, the #1 Harry Potter podcast joins us to help answer the question: WWTD if she went to Hogwarts and was in the same year as Harry?
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The latest song featuring Taylor Swift called "Both Of Us," off of B.o.B's new album "Strange Clouds" has JUST premiered and our team takes you through our initial reactions followed by an in-depth analysis of the song!!


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