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Episode 197 - 

THE BOYS ARE BACK IN TOWN! In Episode 197, we have an all-guys panel to discuss Taylor Swift’s song “How You Get the Girl,” a manual on how to get a girl back after you messed up the relationship. The guys discuss the cinematic style of the song, whether or not the female character is a strong one, and have a heated debate over the validity of the Taylor Talk 13-point song rating system. Diane isn’t a fan of “How You Get the Girl” and the all-guys panel has differing opinions on the song, but what do you think? Leave your comments below (and vote which guy should stay on Taylor Talk… heheh). Enjoy the episode!

Highlights from Episode 197 of Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast

Main Discussion: “How You Get The Girl” Song Analysis

– Fun Fact: Steve was on the first all guys episode, and then never left the show. Vote in the poll to see which guy should stay this time!

– Does the treatment of the female character in the song support feminism?

– “How You Get the Girl” should really be called “How You Get the Girl BACK.”

– This song is written like it’s straight out of a 1980’s John Hughes movie. Even the title is cinematic.

– The word “ghost” keeps haunting Taylor Swift’s songs. What’s the meaning of the word “ghost” in this song?

– “How You Get the Girl” is reminiscent of the Speak Now Era.

– The panel gets HEATED about the 13-point scale rating system. You do not give a Taylor Swift song less than a 13 EVER, says Adam.


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