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Episode 68 - Feminist Taylor Swift

The press is going crazy with this Swifty sensation... Time, Rolling Stone, Huffington Post, and more are talking about the twitter account @FeministTSwift! The account takes Taylor Swift lyrics and adds a feminist take. In this episode of Taylor Talk, we interview the account owner, Clara, and she tells us that while she is definitely a feminist, she is also most certainly a Swifty! Enjoy the show!

In Episode 68:

- Notice: This episode's main discussion deals with mature topics (feminist issues)

- RED Tour Merch is now available for pre-order for Canadian Swifties!

- Abercrombie Fiasco: "More Boyfriend's Than T.S."? Oh, no they didn't... never underestimate the power of Swifties!

- Sami from @TSwiftonTour gives us a weekly Taylor Tour update!

- Clara from the explosively popular @FeministTSwift clears things up for us: she really is a Swifty!

- Taylor said, "I don't really think about things as guys versus girls," and Clara explains that that's actually a feminist notion

- Taylor's lyrics give Clara a lot to work with for her tweets

- Clara notes Taylor's lyrics have matured throughout her musical development 

- Do Taylor's songs empower women or disempower them according to Clara?

- Adam is aghast that Clara still watches romantic comedies!

- Clara tackles stereotypical gender roles in Taylor Swift songs

- The tweets that support Taylor from a feminist standpoint get the most retweets... big surprise ;)

- Feminist or not, no one can deny that Taylor's lyrics are powerful

- Taylor! Get out of the passenger seat! You have every reason to be driving the car!

- Clara's goal is to make feminism accessible to a wider audience, all while being a Swifty :)

- Instead of "What Would Taylor Do?"... we have a "What Would MEREDITH Do?"

Episode 67 - Swift Jeopardy

In Episode 67 of Taylor Talk, your hosts Adam, Maya, and Steve bring you something a little bit more fun and interactive than normal.... a Taylor Swift Jeopardy game! Here's your chance to compete against the hosts in the ultimate Taylor Swift trivia game. The prize? A chance to win a Taylor Talk t-shirt and be on an episode yourself! Listen for more laughs and details. 

In Episode 67:

- "Red" is going to the radio in the US on June 24th!

- Taylor Swift won the Fragrance Celebrity of the Year

- Taylor (the fragrance) by Taylor Swift is available for order now at www.ulta.com/taylorswift/

- Tour updates brought to you by @TSwiftOnTour

- Mini Segments: YKYASW/ISRTW

- Adam brings you Taylor Swift JEOPARDY with Maya and Steve as contestants

- Play along with us! Keep track of your score (honestly), and you may be on an episode of Taylor Talk! Contact us with your results, and we’ll pick two contestants for a future episode. The winner will get a free Taylor Talk t-shirt!!

- Jeopardy Categories: Swift Family Tree, Tour Buddies, The Agency, Lyrics, and Just Taylor (13, 31, or 113 points)

- Adam gets festive with sound effects for wrong and right answers

- One of the hosts destroyed the other one in Taylor trivia (no spoilers!)

- We discuss the possibility of a What Are Swifties Reading segment as a monthly special. This week is Taylor Swift - By: Liv Spencer.

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Epsiode 66 - Everything Has Changed Music Video

What do you get when you cross a young ginger with a wavy haired blonde?  The "Everything Has Changed" music video, of course!!  With it's release late in the evening on June 5th, "Everything Has Changed" has become the latest music video in Taylor Swift's line up.  Listen in as our team takes you through a fun and informational analysis of this brilliantly shot analysis.  Have your own thoughts on the video?  Leave them in the comments below! 

In Episode 66: 

-Adam and Steve are reporting from Nashville, TN at CMA Fest

-Buy your t-shirts fast! They’re selling like crazy! 

-As always, our partners @TSwiftOnTour provides us with a weekly tour update

-Adam has some issues pronouncing “Louisville” like the local Kentuckians (Taylor played a show there)

-Taylor played “Red” at the CMT Awards.  Think it’ll be the next country single? 

-We do a brief recap of the CMT Awards and what went on there

-Something really cool happened at Taylor’s CMA Fest performance.  Want to find out what? 

-“You Know You’re A Swifty When…”/”If Swifties Ruled The World…” 

-The team breaks down the brand new “Everything Has Changed” music video, asking questions like:

-Was the video supposed to be released when it was?

-Does the video fit the theme of the song?

-Who was cuter? Little Ed or Little Taylor?

-What did our panel think of the surprise ending?

Episode 65 - CLUB RED

Want to know all about Club RED? Listen up on Episode 65 of Taylor Talk to hear Steve's Club RED Experience in Washington, D.C. We offer tips on how to get Club RED (just have fun!) and how to maximize your time if you're picked to meet Taylor Swift! Your hosts Adam, Maya, Diane, and Steve also discuss Taylor's newest perfume Taylor, the upcoming 2013 CMA Fest, and announce Taylor Talk t-shirts! Check em out in the store (www.TaylorTalk.org/store) if you're interested. Happy listening! :)

In Episode 65:

- We celebrate 1 million download with exclusive, limited-edition Taylor Talk tshirts!

- Taylor announces her newest, more personal fragrance: Taylor

- 2013 CMT Awards and CMA Fest is this week in Nashville

- @TSwiftOnTour brings you the latest RED tour updates & gives us a great way to help out the Ronan Foundation: http://www.crowdrise.com/tswiftontour

- Steve was lucky enough to get Club RED at the first night of Taylor's RED Washington, DC show, and shares his experience with everyone!

- *drumroll* Taylor Swift has a Taylor Talk shirt!

- Steve may have been lucky enough to get into Club RED... but will he be lucky enough to win stump the hosts?

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