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Episode 60 - Is Taylor Country or Pop? 

This week's episode of Taylor Talk features Adam, Maya, Diane, and Steve as they discuss whether or not Taylor Swift can be considered country anymore. Is Taylor now 100% pop or a mix of both genres? Check out episode 60 to hear the hosts thoughts, and if you have an opinion of your own, feel free to let us know!

In Episode 60:

- Adam and Diane attend the RED show in Indianapolis and something VERY special happened

- Taylor adds some Radio Disney awards to her collection

- Be sure to vote for Taylor Swift for the 2013 Billboard Milestone Award!

- President Barack Obama mentions Taylor Swift 

- So… have you ever danced around the kitchen in the refrigerator light?

- We discuss Taylor Swift's music career as she experiments with different genres

- Is Taylor country? Pop? Or both?

- Steve finally gets a Wheel of Taylor question right!

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Episode 59 - Collaborations

Taylor Swift has hosted with numerous artists in the past - rapper B.o.B., folksy Civil Wars, and the talented Ed Sheeran, but this week on Taylor Talk, the hosts pose the question: Who will Taylor Swift collaborate with next? We debate the possibility of her working with various artists and what these artists would add to her musicality and song writing. Have an idea about who you'd like to see Taylor collaborate with next? Email us: TaylorTalk@TaylorSwift13.org

In Episode 59:

- We welcome Maya back after a brief hiatus

- The 2013 Billboard Milestone Award is fan voted, so make sure to vote Taylor!

- Taylor recently tied in 10th place for MOST TOP 40 HOT 100 HITS with The Rolling Stones and Marvin Gaye

- Adam predicts B.o.B. as Taylor's special guest in Atlanta on April 19th

- MAIN DISCUSSION: Who should Taylor collaborate with next? 

- We debate whether or not a rap song would be a good idea for Taylor

- What about a Taylor Swift & Britney Spears collaboration? One host isn't so sure, but a few others like the idea.

- Adam roots for a Florida Georgia Line collaboration

- Lightening round of "Wheel of Taylor" puts the hosts against each other

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Taylor's Career - Episode 58

Diane, Steve and I (Adam) take you through a great discussion this week where we explore the possibility that Taylor Swift's career has hit a peak.  Has it?  Find out our opinions in Episode 58!

In Episode 58: 

-Adam forgets his co-hosts names.. Whoops!

-The hosts recap their ACM discussion from last week after finding some more information regarding the voting criteria for Entertainer of the Year.  Find a link to the information in our Episode 58 guide on TaylorTalk.org

-Steve was in attendance at the Tim McGraw Special the night after the ACM's and lets us know what we can expect when it airs on CBS on May 19th.

-Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran go to Disney World, upsetting some guests who had to wait in line while Taylor and Ed didn't.  Is that fair of them to get mad? 

-Should US Magazine have featured "boyfriends" that Taylor has never actually dated in her Collector's Edition? 

-For our main discussion, our hosts discuss a BIG question on the minds of many Swifties - HAS TAYLOR SWIFT HIT HER PEAK? 

-What could keep Taylor on top as opposed to other artists that have faded away?

-What can Taylor do in the future to maintain her large audience?  Is there potential internationally to continue growing?

-Why do people think Taylor has hit her plateau and is on the way out? 

-Does negative press regarding Taylor's love life hurt or help Taylor's career?

-Another round of Wheel of Taylor stumps Steve, but Diane actually gets TWO questions right (Steve's and her own)!

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ACM Awards - Episode 57

After an amazing night at the Academy of Country Music Awards, Adam, Diane and Steve recap the night discussing the performances, what the highlights of the night were, and of course the first ever live performance of "Highway Don't Care" by Tim McGraw, Taylor Swift and Keith Urban.

In Episode 57:

-The CEO of the Academy of Country Music gives Kevin McGuire a shout out

-Blake Shelton gives Luke Bryan a warning about Swifties.  What was it? 

-Should Swifties really be angry that Taylor Swift lost Entertainer of the Year?

-Was the voting for the ACM's fixed? 

-The first ever live performance of "Highway Don't Care" brought one of our hosts to tears.  Find out which!

-What Are Swifties Listening To? - "C'mon" by: Panic! At The Disco feat. Fun

-A trivia question in a new round of Wheel of Taylor has Diane and Steve stumped.  See if you can answer it.

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22 Music Video - Episode 56

It may be long overdue, but in episode 56, Adam, Diane, and Steve are finally discussing the "22" music video! Join us for an in-depth discussion of the video itself, the director, and it's correlation to past Taylor Swift music videos. Enjoy!

In Episode 56:

- Reminder to vote for Taylor Swift for ACM's Entertainer of the Year! Go to voteacm.com & see if she wins on the 48th ACM awards airing Sunday, April 7th on CBS 8/7c

- ACM performance speculation.... "Red" as the new country single?

- Taylor Swift will appear as a special guest on the season finale of Fox's "New Girl"

- Tour update section! And don't worry, it's spoil free!

- Rolling Stone's review of the RED show... beware of spoilers (review contains RED's setlist)!

- In-depth "22" music video discussion

- Wheel of Taylor returns: Steve versus Diane

- Be sure to rate us on iTunes please :)

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