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Episode 77 -- 

This week in Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast, a friend of the show, Taylor (@Taylorr_GC) joins us from the land down under for Episode 77 to discuss the song “Sparks Fly.” Many of Taylor’s singles, like Sparks Fly don’t do nearly as well in Australia as they do in the United States… why? We analyze the potential reasons for this as well as the creation of “Sparks Fly”: from a sixteen-year old Taylor’s daydream to a fiery, powerful showstopper. Enjoy the episode!

Highlights from Episode 77 of Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast
- Taylor (@Taylorr_GC) from Australia joins us this episode.
- FYI: We only have two XL Taylor Talk shirts left
- A listener sends Adam a joke, so it’s actually funny.
- Taylor Swift broke the record for the most sold out shows at the Staples Center!
- Taylor wins the VMA for Female Music Video of the Year!
- Diane answers the age old question: what is the difference between jelly and jam?
- Harry Styles is cool with Taylor writing a song about him, if she hasn’t done so already.
- Sami gives us the weekly RED Tour Wrap-Up from @TSwiftonTour.
- Tell Me Why: What is your response to people who insult Taylor because of her relationships?
- Don’t make an Aussie mad… they’ll throw a boomerang at you.

Main Discussion of Episode 77 of Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast: “Sparks Fly” song analysis
- Country music may not be as big in Australia as it is in the United States… is that why some of Taylor’s songs aren’t as popular?
- Fans loved “Sparks Fly” when Taylor performed it live, so she put a version of the song on Speak Now. We compare the original with Taylor’s revision.
- Adam denies all the potential innuendos in this song, but Steve sees sparks fly whenever Jake Owen smiles ;)
- Adam’s so vain, he thinks “Sparks Fly” is about him.

- Steve teaches the youngins about 8 tracks.
- You know you’re a Swifty when you think of creative ways to compliment people on their Keds.
- What are Swifties Listening To? “Get Your Shine On” by Florida Georgia Line
- Am I (Diane) the only one who didn’t know “Get Your Shine On” was about moonshine…? Awkward.
- Aww… Nobody in Australia ever says “throw another shrimp on the barbie.”

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Episode 76 - I Almost Do 

One of our favorite guest hosts, Eric from the All Guys Episode, joins us for Episode 76 of Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast to discuss one of the most poignant songs off the RED album, “I Almost Do.” Despite the sad nature of this week’s song discussion, we share some laughs over listeners’ creative mini-segment submissions and engage in a heated debate over what qualifies as being a true member of the Swifty community. Happy listening :)

In Episode 76 of Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast
- Listeners of the show sent in some pictures of Taylor in her glasses. Check em out!
- Be sure to watch the 2013 MTV VMAs! It will air this upcoming Sunday, August 25th 9pm. Taylor is nominated for Video of the Year and Best Female Video for “I Knew You Were Trouble.”
- We gasp at absurd ticket prices.
- Eric, our guest host, has listened to Taylor’s albums since the last time he was on! He’s more qualified as a host now.
- Tell Me Why: Do you think it’s okay to dislike some of Taylor’s stuff and still be a Swifty? Also, do you think that people should “leave” the Swifty community if they begin to dislike Taylor’s newer music as it evolves and her style changes, or stick around just in case?
- OMG! Adam hates cats! Don’t tell Meredith….
- Eric calls “I Almost Do” a ‘sleeper hit’ and it’s his favorite on the album.
- Taylor brings up a powerful point in this song… even after a break up and you don’t talk anymore, you still know the person.
- The lyrics are simple, but effective. All the hosts can relate to it in some way.
- Maya says “I Almost Do” is the phase of moving on where you tell all your friends you’re fine, but you go home at night and stare at your phone… it’s the stage of the break-up you go through alone.
- Why does Taylor change the ending to “I hope sometimes you wonder about me”?
- You know you’re a Swifty when your mom has a talk with you about your obsessive Taylor Swift podcast… oh wait.
- Swifties are listening to “The Heart of Dixie” by Danielle Bradbery
- In honor of Eric’s podcast, Mugglecast’s 8 year finale episode, our WWTD is Harry Potter themed!
- Adam’s so vain he thinks all podcasts are about him.

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Episode 75 - Will Swifties Ever Outgrow Taylor? 

In Episode 75 of Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast, Adam, Diane, and Steve discuss whether or not we will ever outgrow Taylor Swift. Spoiler alert: the answer is no! Duh! Listen up for countless reasons why Taylor Swift will always hold a special place in our hearts, as well as RED Tour updates, mini-segment fun, and more! Enjoy!

In Episode 75 of Taylor Talk: the Taylor Swift Podcast:

- Adam starts off the episode with a trivia question: which one of Taylor Swift's videos stars a former Tennessee Titans football player? Stay tuned because the answer is at the end of the episode!

- Taylor should take performance notes from The Script

- Want to know what's on Taylor Swift's bucket list? See the Marie Claire article "What's on: Taylor Swift" to find out! 

- Taylor Swift wears contacts? And glasses?

- Bowling for Soup admits they want to live like Award Show Taylor Swift.

- Taylor Swift won two Teen Choice Awards: Choice Female Country Artist and Choice Country Song for "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together"

- We shamelessly ask you to vote for Taylor in the MTV VMAs! Monday, August 12th is the LAST day to vote!!

- Steve likes to pretend Taylor Swift wrote "Hey Stephen" about him

- Diane is going to feel 22 on August 15th! You can wish her a happy birthday via twitter @notadumblond9.

- We answer some questions from ask.fm/taylortalk13 in our new segment: Tell Me Why.

- Do you think one day when we grow up we will stop liking Taylor Swift? Short answer... no!

- Adam relates this question to Harry Potter... because he relates everything to Harry Potter :)

- There's so much nostalgia associated with being a Swifty. We're always going to like her music, but maybe for a different reason in the future.

- "Taylor is a writer who tells stories. And stories live forever." - Adam Bromberg

- How can people relate to Taylor Swift if they haven't been in a relationship?

- You can enjoy music regardless if you can relate to the song or not. 

- We go through some awesome mini-segments!

- Steve and Adam should go on a bromantic man-date so Steve can tip the waiter $13.

- Adam has his own "You Know You're a Swifty When" moment!

- Foreign word of the day for Americans: "chemist" 

- For the people in long distance relationships, Swifties Are Listening to: "Gotta Get There" by Brett Eldredge. Brett Eldredge also opened for Taylor on the RED Tour!

- Adam's so vain... he probably thinks the email was about him. Or is it...?

Episode 74 - Sad Beautiful Tragic 

Hooray! After a several month hiatus, song analyses are back! In episode 74 of Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast, Adam, Diane, and Steve break down arguably the most underrated song on the RED album: "Sad Beautiful Tragic." In addition, we discuss Taylor Swift's recent articles in Rolling Stone and her drive to persuade Ed Sheeran to enter ice cream eating contests. We also launch a new segment, "Tell Me Why" that allows you to submit any Taylor-related questions via ask.fm/taylortalk13. We had a great time recording this one, and we hope you have an even better time listening to it! Enjoy :)

In Episode 74 of Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast:

- Adam starts off with a Stump the Hosts question for Diane and Steve... Did you know Gary Lightbody's voice is actually in two songs on the RED album? 

- You should go to hifromtaylor.com. Just do it. 

- On weekends, Taylor Swift encourages Ed Sheeran to enter ice cream eating contests. 

- Be sure to read Rolling Stone's extensive interview entitled "Backstage with Taylor Swift." Apparently Taylor notices all of your giant fan-made posters of Meredith ;)

- Rolling Stone ranked Taylor Swift as number 49 in "50 Greatest Live Acts Right Now."

- Don't forget to vote for Taylor in the Teen Choice Awards (it's the last week to vote) and the MTV VMAs!  Fun fact: Taylor Swift hasn't won a VMA since Kayne interrupted her... so let's make sure she wins this year!

- Taylor will perform on CMA Music Festival: Country’s Night To Rock hosted by Little Big Town. You can watch the taping on Monday Aug 12th at 8/7c on ABC.

- Diane rolls her eyes at the male egos on Taylor Talk.

- Taylor's best friend, Abigail Anderson, attended the Kansas City RED show.

- We launch a new segment *drumroll* "Tell Me Why"! You can leave us questions for this segment via ask.fm/taylortalk13.

- Main Discussion: "Sad Beautiful Tragic" song analysis

- The song analysis was a listener request from Maya, from Dec. 1st 2012. This just proves we keep your submissions... for a long time!

- Adam and Steve admit they don't like sad Taylor Swift songs. 

- Is this song appropriate to play at a funeral?

- Is this song related to "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together"? "Words, how little they mean when you're a little too late" = "He calls me up and he's like 'I still love you"

- Diane renames the song "Sad Quiet and Subtle"

- What's the deal with the train? We theorize it as a reference to the film, the Source Code.

- Taylor Swift did her own backup vocals on this song.

- Story of how the song was written: Taylor composed it on her tour bus, and her vocals from the original demo were used on the song because they sounded so pure & raw. 

- We analyze how this song fits into the relationship progression of the RED album's songs.

- You know you're a Swifty when... we go through some hilarious mini-segments from listeners!

- Adam scares everyone by threatening to get a giant Taylor related tattoo on his back. No. Just no. 

- What are Swifties Listening To? “Different” by Ximena Sarinana

- Adam's so vain... his ego is getting too big for this podcast.