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Episode 122 - This ain't a fairytale, but it is Taylor Talk! In Episode 122 of Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast, your hosts discuss "White Horse," a song about watching a seemingly perfect relationship crumble. We also cover Taylor news, including a new RED Tour date in Japan, and read off some fun listener submissions. Be sure to contact us with your thoughts/opinions about this week's episode. Enjoy!

Highlights from Episode 121 of Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast

Main Discussion: "White Horse" Song Analysis:

- "White Horse" functions as the anti-"Love Story" on the Fearless album.

- Secret message: "All I wanted was the truth" -- what was the lie?

- We compare the music video to the message of the song; was "Girl at Home" inspired by the situation in the video?

- Trey Fanjoy (music video director) correctly predicts that Taylor will be a successful actress one day.

- Maya and Sami can't stand the spoken parts in the video.

- Fun Fact: there are actually horses in the "White Horse" music video!

Other Topics:

- Taylor is enjoying her free time by taking dance classes and hanging out with Lorde. 

- The RED Tour is coming to Japan! 

- Be sure to follow @TSwiftOnTour for a chance to win prizes in celebration of them reaching 150k followers.

- You Know you're a Swifty when you make a powerpoint for school on your favorite holiday: Taylor Swift Day!

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