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Begin Again 

-We dive in deep into our analysis of Taylor's newest single, "Begin Again":

WHAT is it about?

WHO is it about?

HOW is it similar to "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together?"

HOW is the overall album progressing?


-Mini segments are temporarily on pause until next week

-Adam shares an AWESOME #TaylorPun tweeted to him by a Taylor Talk listener

-Adam, Belle and Diane were all at the iHeartRadio Music Festival for Taylor's latest performance - Hear all about it

-Grant is in good company, because judging by Steven Tyler's outfit at iHeartRadio, Grant's not the only one shopping in the women's department :-)

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Episode 30 - The Agency

-A warning to all listeners searching "Taylor Swift" on search engines - BEWARE OF CYBERCRIMINALS!!!

-Adam tells some fun chicken jokes as per the request of a Taylor Talk listener

-A review of Taylor's upcoming calendar

-All the important news items pertaining to Taylor Swift's career

-AGENCY REVIEW - Who are the Agency?  What instruments do they play?  Where'd they get the name "The Agency from?"

-WWTD if she were a stand up comedian?

-What are Swifties Listening to? - "Want You Back" by Cher Lloyd

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Episode 29 - I Love You To The Moon And Back

-Rick Barker's Tip Of The Week reminds artists to utilize all social media channels and not just Twitter

-Our saddest conversation yet delves deep into the details of Taylor's newest song "Ronan" - How it came to be, it's meaning and more.

-The Taylor Talk hosts take you through a fun discussion of Taylor's first performance of "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" at MTV's VMA's, leading Adam to make the claim that he has finally found Waldo

-What Are Swifties Listening To? -- "Strangely Beautiful" by Shealeigh

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Episode 28 - WANEGBT Music Video

-Rick Barker advises artists on utilizing Facebook chat to engage fans

-Listen for Adam's funniest joke yet!!

-Our team goes deep into the We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together music video!!  You won't wanna miss this discussion!! 

-We find clues within the music video helping prove that the song IS about Jake Gyllenhaal

-If Swifties Ruled The World/You Know You're A Swifty When

-WWTD if she could be Meredith for a day?

-What Are Swifties Listening To?  -- "Bruises" by Train

-Maya recounts her story of singing a duet with Train on stage at their concert in front of 15,000 people!!!

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