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Episode 168 - Your iPod is glowing in the dark… playing this episode of Taylor Talk! In Episode 168 of Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast, we discuss the only song Taylor Swift wrote by herself on 1989, a song called “This Love.” Taylor said “This Love” is about a time when she had to cut someone loose when she didn’t want to, but they came back. What’s your opinion on “This Love”? Do you think Taylor will play it on tour? Let us know what you think of the episode. Happy listening!

Highlights from Episode 168 of Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast
Main Discussion: “This Love” Song Analysis
– Fun fact: “This Love” is the only song Taylor wrote by herself on 1989. That makes it good by default.
– Taylor wrote this song about a love that came back. Do you think “This Love” supports a fatalistic view of love then?
– Does this song contain references to “Wildest Dreams,” “I Know Places,” and other songs on the album?
– Steve finds 80s nods everywhere!
– We know any music video for this song must include the ocean. Duh. 
Other Topics:

– I have no clue how people confuse us for Taylor Swift…
– You know you’re Taylor Swift when you win three awards at an award show you didn’t even attend.
– Looks like Taylor had a well needed vacation with her friends!
– You know you’re a Swiftie when you buy Taylor merchandise and just don’t care about how much you spend for it. Oops.
– Swifties are preparing for the 1989 Tour by listening to the opening act, Vance Joy.
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