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The story of Taylor Talk goes on with a song analysis of “The Story of Us”! In Episode 135 of Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast, your hosts — Adam, Diane, and Sami — talk about one of their favorite Taylor songs. Let us know what you think of “The Story of Us” in the comments below. Happy listening!

Highlights from Episode 135 of Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast

Main Discussion: “The Story of Us” Song Analysis:

- We discuss one of our favorite Taylor Swift songs…. “The Story of Us"!

- Running into your ex is terribly, horrendously, and awfully awkward, especially when it happens at an award show.

- The hosts get in a heated debate about a critic’s comment — whether or not this song means Taylor is “defined by her relationships”

- Sami has a theory that links “The Lucky One” with “The Story of Us”

- We discuss the plot of the “Story of Us” video, and Taylor’s potential curse word slip!

Other Topics:

- What would you do if Taylor Swift visited you on a school field trip?

- Taylor’s poster for The Giver is out!

- Make sure you’re voting for Taylor for the CMTs! She could accept an award via video from RED Tour Asia

- You know you’re a Swifty when you can’t decide what to wear, so you choose the outfit that looks like Taylor.

- Swifties are listening to “Be My Forever” by Christina Perri featuring Ed Sheeran.

Episode 134 - That awkward moment when you have to cover an award show that Taylor didn’t even attend! In Episode 134 of Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast, we review the Billboard Music Awards with co-host, Sami, and special guest, Ashley, who were flown to Las Vegas to cover the awards on behalf of @TSwiftOnTour. We hope you enjoy the show!

Highlights from Episode 134 of Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast:

Main Discussion – 2014 Billboard Awards

- Taylor was nominated for Top Social Artist (award went to Justin Bieber) and Top Country Artist (award went to Luke Bryan)

- None of the performances live up to Taylor’s 2013 Billboard Performance of “22

- Sami and Ashley give us the inside scoop as to all the work that goes into producing an award show

- Check out @TSwiftOnTour for photos & videos of the 2014 Billboard Awards

Other Topics:

- Be sure to enter the Fearless Box Set contest… There’s only one week left!

- You know you’re a Swifty when…You buy a red 2013 car, get SWIFT13 license plates, and name your car Taylor. SO cool.

- What are Swifties listening to? “What You Know” – Two Door Cinema Club

Episode 133 -- This episode goes out to Mama Swift, and all the moms out there this Mother’s Day. We discuss Andrea Swift’s involvement in Taylor’s career and how, if not for her mother’s tremendous support, Taylor’s music wouldn’t be the same. Enjoy the show!

Also, if you’re able to this Mother’s Day, please consider donating to the Ronan Thompson Foundation to help fight childhood cancer. Every little bit counts.

Highlights from Episode 133 of Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast

Main Discussion:

- This mother’s day we celebrate the woman who gave us Taylor Swift.

- How did Andrea’s support and influence shape Taylor’s career?

- Taylor’s mom provided a strong model of a hard-working woman. We think that’s why Taylor never does anything halfway.

- We discuss the HUGE impact parenting has on a child’s personality and the way they treat others.

- If Andrea had raised Taylor in any other way, her music would not be the same.

- Andrea is so thankful to the fans for supporting her daughter. If you ever meet her, she’s SO nice.

- Adam shares a story that proves what an amazing mama bear Andrea is!

Other Topics:

- You only get ONE vote for the CMT Awards… so make sure you vote TSwift!

- Also, vote for Taylor Swift at the Canadian Much Music Awards.

- We cover the 12 Things You Never Knew About Taylor Swift, straight from the Keds event!

- You know you are a Swifty when you feel obligated to write everything you want to tell Taylor each time you post something on Instagram, because what if she likes/comment and you don’t have another chance?

- What are Swifties listening to? “She Looks So Perfect” by 5 Seconds of Summer.

- The Fearless Box Set Giveaway is still open! Listen to the entire episode for a code word to get more entries

Highlights from Episode 132 of Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast

Main Discussion – “Fearless” Song Analysis:

- We celebrate the anniversary of the Fearless tour, and I don’t know how Taylor Talk gets better than this.

- Fearless has became an anthem for Swifties. Sami says it’s way more than just about a first date.

- Taylor tends to write a song on every album that’s a fantasy about her perfect love.

- We discuss her performances of “Fearless” on the Fearless Tour, Speak Now Tour, and the RED Tour.

Other Topics:

- Want to win a Fearless Collector’s Edition box set? Listen to the full episode for the code word to get a bonus five entries!! Enter at taylortalk.org/fearless.

- For a limited time, each Taylor Talk tshirt purchase comes with a free beach ball! Just in time for summer.

- Taylor is nominated for Billboard’s Top Social Media artist. Maybe that’s why she’s been using Instagram so much!

- You know you’re a Swifty when you think Adam’s jokes are funny.

- What are Swifties Listening to? “A Sky Full of Stars” by Coldplay