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Episode 64 - Everything Has Changed

Join Adam, Maya, Diane, and Agustin for the 64th installment of Taylor Talk as we discuss "Everything Has Changed," a sweet acoustic duet featuring Ed Sheeran. You may remember Agustin from the All Guys Episode of Taylor Talk, and he was nice enough to return to offer his insight into the world of Taylor Swift! Agustin is known for his blog, The Swift Agency about the Agency and Taylor Swift, and on this episode of Taylor Talk, he adds comparing Agency members to creatures Alice encounters in Wonderland to his repertoire. Listen up to find out more! Enjoy ;)

In Episode 64:

- Taylor is performing in Australia near her birthday (12/13). Join the movement to wish her a very happy birthday via twitter @TaylorSwiftBday, Facebook, and Taylor Connect (See the episode guide on TaylorTalk.org for links).

- Taylor has been tweeting some HILARIOUS things recently!

- Check out Diet Coke's Extraordinary22.com for a chance to win tickets to see Taylor Swift in concert!

- Part Two of Keds Presents Taylor Swift on Style has been released

- Taylor Swift continues to snatch up nominations, this time for CMT and the Teen Choice Awards

- Happy Birthday Liz Huett!

- @TSwiftOnTour makes their debut for tour updates on Taylor Talk!

- Agustin is super excited for the return of the mini-segments!!

- So you just wanna know it better now know it better now.... we break apart "Everything Has Changed," the touching duet between Ed and Taylor

- Swifties are listening to "Statues" by Nina Nesbitt 

- What would Taylor do if she fell into a rabbit hole and wound up in Wonderland... what characters would each band member be?

What do you get when you combine Taylor Swift, a "haters gonna hate" unicorn t-shirt, and RED balloons? The Billboard awards, of course! Join our hosts Adam, Diane, and Steve for a fun filled episode where we discuss Taylor's "22" Billboard performance, recent Taylor news, another round of stump the hosts, and more. We also have a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! We're teaming up with our friends from @TSwiftOnTour to bring you the most up-to-date Taylor tour news!

In Episode 63:

- We update you in all news concerning Taylor Swift

- The RED tour continues this month in Texas

- BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: Abby and Sami of @TSwiftonTour join us to describe the details of the partnership

- Adam and Diane attended the Billboard Awards, and they let you know about what it was like to see it live!

- Join us for another round of stump the hosts! Will Steve finally get a question right?

Episode 62 - Interview with Shane Drake, Director of the "Highway Don't Care" Music video

Prepare yourselves Swifties, you're in for a treat! Join Adam, Diane, and Steve for an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Shane Drake, the music video director of "Highway Don't Care." Shane Drake has worked with countless artists from Paramore to Kelly Clarkson, but he sits down with us in Episode 62 to discuss what it was like working with Tim McGraw, Taylor Swift, and Keith Urban to create this powerful music video. 

Have any questions for the director? Comment, tweet, or email us your questions, and we'll forward them along to Shane Drake and read his replies in future episodes of Taylor Talk. Enjoy!

In Episode 62:

- Listen up for our exclusive interview with Shane Drake, director of the "Highway Don't Care" music video

- Drake has worked with numerous artists in all genres including hip hop, pop, punk, but now he's trying his hand at country

- Drake worked closely with Tim to create the story of the video

- This was Shane Drake's first time meeting Taylor Swift, and he was very impressed!

- Who's idea was it really to have Tim McGraw walk around shirtless?

- We ask Shane Drake about his music video creating process

- Drake hopes to direct more of Taylor's videos in the future!

- International RED Tour dates have been announced: Taylor is going to Australia and New Zealand!

- Neither Taylor nor Ed will be in the "Everything Has Changed" music video

- If you're into fashion, you should enter Diet Coke's "Young Designer Challenge"!

- Reminder to watch the New Girl on May 14th! Be on the lookout for Taylor at white veil occasions! 

- Also, vote for Taylor for the 2013 Billboard Milestone Award! This is a fan voted award, so she has no excuse not to win!

Episode 61 

Lately, the media has been debating whether or not Taylor Swift's music can be considered feminist. Our special guest, Erica Morgan, an up and coming country singer, joins Adam, Diane, and Steve to tackle this huge question: does Taylor's music empower women? Please let us know your own opinions on this topic by tweeting, emailing, or leaving us a voicemail! We'd love to hear your thoughts.

In Episode 61:

- We wish Grant Mickelson and Daniel Sadownick very happy (belated) birthdays!

- Jay Z's new song "$100 Bill" name drops Taylor Swift in his new song, but we're not sure how positive this is.

- Taylor Swift visits Lauren Murphy, a patient in critical condition at Cedar-Sinai hospital in LA, proof of her generous spirit.

- Taylor Swift is a confirmed performer at CMA Fest 2013 on Thursday, June 6th. Buy your tickets now!

- "Highway Don't Care" music video premieres on May 6th on Google+ Hangout and youtube.com/timmcgraw at 4pm CST. We'll discuss the video on next week's show

- Be sure to watch Taylor Swift on New Girl on May 14th

- VOTE for Taylor for the 2013 Billboard Milestone Award

- The hosts debate whether or not Taylor Swift empowers women

- We use the Huffington Post article "Sexism, Feminism, & Taylor Swift" as a launching pad

- Daily Beast interview with Taylor where she answers whether or not she considers herself a feminist

- The hosts go head to head in "Stump the hosts!" Got a tough Taylor trivia question? Send it in to Adam at taylortalk@taylorswift13.org

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