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BRITs, Goats, and Harry Styles -- Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast – Episode 52 Now Available!!

Anyone see the "I Knew You Were Trouble" goat video? See the GIF of Harry Styles mocking Taylor's "surprised" face? What about Taylor's HOT performance at the BRIT Awards? In this episode of Taylor Talk, the hosts cover the best Taylor Swift news stories of the week. 

In Episode 52:

- A Taylor Talk listener, @ashleeswift13, is generous giving away a pair of RED tickets! Find out how you can win in the Episode 52 guide on TaylorTalk.org

- One word describes Taylor's BRIT Awards performance: HOT

- Our main discussion covers all things happening recently in the Taylor Swift community

- Our buddy at The Swift Agency wrote a great editorial about Capital Hoedown suing Taylor.

- We kindly remind everyone that Taylor is not an alcoholic

- Adam is old. Like really old. 

- We discuss the lack of discussion around Harry Styles mocking Taylor's "surprised face"


- Swifties are listening to "This is What Makes Us Girls" by Lana Del Rey

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Come Back, Be Here - Episode 51

In Episode 51:

- We wish a happy birthday to a Swifty with a VERY special birthday!

- Taylor heads to the UK before starting her RED tour next month... So start your count down! Only 23 days left! (as of 2/18)

- This week, Taylor snatched up some ACM and Kid's Choice awards nominations as well as filmed a music video in Malibu... "22" perhaps?

- The hosts discuss "Come Back... Be Here" a song that was HIGHLY requested among listeners ;)

- It seems almost ALL of Taylor's relationships have been long distance. Why did it take her so long to write a song about a LDR?

- Maya admits she relates to this song more than any other song on the album

- Taylor got the idea for this song from Maya and Diane. Obviously.

- Maya has never met Adam OR Diane... yet we consider each other close friends because we've talked online.

- The BIG Question: Who's this song about??

- Adam likes this song, even though he can't rock out to this in the car.

- Another round of Wheel of Taylor *drumroll*

- Please PLEASE leave a review and/or rate us five stars on iTunes

-What Are Swifties Listening To? "Wings" by The Little Mix

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GRAMMYS! Episode 50

It's Grammy night! A night of glitz, glamour, and.... controversy? The hosts duke it out in this week's episode about Taylor's speech during her "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together." Was it classy? Sassy? Listen in on our 50th episode to find out our opinions!

In Episode 50th:</b>

- Taylor Talk has officially gone platinum! Hooray for reaching one MILLION views! Thanks guys :)

- Taylor is a confirmed performer at the BRIT Awards 2013 on Feb. 20th

- "22" is the next single for release on April 1st... an April Fool's Day joke? Never!

- Taylor & the Civil Wars win a Grammy for "Safe & Sound"

- We have a return of the mini segments!

- Taylor celebrates "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" in a HUGE circusy, Alice in Wonderland spectacle... could this be the RED tour performance of the song?

- "I still love you" (in a British accent).... whaaat?

- We talk Grammy fashion (except Adam... he's a guy)

- Belle and Maya go head to head in another round of Wheel of Taylor

- Are Swiftie's Listening To? "Holiday" by Massad

- The Special PLATINUM Celebration surprise is coming soon... we know what it is. Muahaha!

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Highway Don't Care - Episode 49

In this special edition of Taylor Talk, Adam, Diane and Haley break apart Taylor Swift's return to her country roots in "Highway Don't Care" just minutes after the song's release. After you've heard the hosts' opinions, be sure to tweet us @TaylorTalk13 to share your thoughts! We might read them on the next episode. 

In Episode 49:

Reminder to watch Taylor perform at the Grammy’s on CBS on Feb. 10th, 8/7c

The Diet Coke endorsement…. Yay or nay? We discuss the possibility that Taylor is promoting an unhealthy lifestyle.

Taylor Swift goes back to her country roots with Tim McGraw and Keith Urban in “Highway Don’t Care.” The hosts love it!!

Diane and Haley share their impressions of the story of the song.

The highway must be metaphorical… what does it represent? Another person? An escape?  A force? Regardless, the highway don’t care.

This is the first time in a long time Taylor was a featured singer in a song she did not help write – what impact does that have?

“Highway Don’t Care” is an homage to “Tim McGraw”  

We debate whether or not this song is lyrically similar to a Taylor Swift song.

Will Taylor perform “Highway Don’t Care” on the RED with special guests Tim McGraw and Keith Urban?? Nashville anyone? 

Adam encourages you to listen to “Highway Don’t Care” ANYWHERE!

Mini-segments will resume next episode. Be sure to send us your submissions! 

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