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Episode 145 - Prepare to jump then fall into this episode of Taylor Talk! In Episode 145 of Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast, we discuss one of Taylor’s cutest, feel-good songs: “Jump Then Fall!” Although it’s a relatively straight forward song, we still dig deep into the song’s complexities and Taylor’s writing style. We hope you enjoy the episode. Happy listening!

Highlights from Episode 145 of Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast

Main Discussion – “Jump Then Fall” Song Analysis

- You may think the theme of this song is simple, but we still manage to debate as to what it’s about!

- Taylor describes this song as “happy, bouncy, and lovey.” But mostly bouncy.

- We compare the sound of “Jump Then Fall” to “Stay Stay Stay.”

- Fun fact: did you know this song peaked at number 1 on iTunes the week it was released?

- If Taylor wrote this song from personal experience, how do you think it feels for her to release a song about a crush/relationship that ended?

- Sign our petition to get Taylor to play “Jump Then Fall” on the album five tour!

Others Topics:

- We predict when Taylor’s new single will be released based on the fact that she’s giving an “explosive” performance of it at the MTV VMAs!

- “My ambition was to start a new book with the next album, not just a new chapter.” – Taylor’s interview with Candy magazine

- How would you guys like an episode with a book review/movie review of The Giver? Unfortunately, Adam doesn’t want to read.

- You know you’re a Swifty when you ask a random lady at the pool if you can take a picture with her turtle floaty because it’s the same one Taylor used on the 4th of July.

- Swifties are listening to “Chasing the Sun” by Hilary Duff. Declan Whitebloom, the music video director, was on Taylor Talk Episode 8!