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Episode 166 - This just in: magazines are calling 2014 “The Year of the Swift,” but we already knew that. In Episode 166 of Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast, our year in review episode, your hosts delve into what they believe were Taylor Swift’s top 13 moments of 2014. From finishing up the international RED Tour to selling more 1989 albums than anyone predicted, Taylor Swift has dominated the music scene in 2014.  We discuss a bunch of Taylor’s biggest accomplishments this year, but let us know what your favorite was! We’d love to hear from you. Happy listening!

Highlights from Episode 166 of Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast


Main Discussion: 

– Searching for a sound she hadn’t heard before, Taylor said “Welcome to New York” when she changed to pop music.

– Global superstar she may be, but Taylor Swift still makes time for her fans on Instagram, Tumblr, and even by sending them Christmas presents! 

– Taylor came out as a feminist! Yeaaauh!

– That awkward moment when the media still thinks Taylor Swift only writes about boys.

– Remember that time Taylor topped the Canadian iTunes charts with 8 seconds of white noise?

– What was your favorite moment of 2014?


Other Topics:

– Bigger than the Beatles? Tay’s on her way!

– Diane has about a month to get her GRAMMY announcer voice down.

– If Swifties ruled the world, it would be amazing, but also frightening!


– What do you predict Taylor Swift will do in 2015?

Episode 165 - Merry Swiftmas everyone! In Episode 165 of Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast, your hosts give you their version of A Swiftmas Carol, the story of an evil music executive who doesn’t support Taylor Swift. Your hosts, helped by the Ghosts of Swiftmas Past, Present, and Future convince Scrooge to become a Swifty. Join us for some holiday laughs and a few surprises along the way. Here at Taylor Talk, we wish you a happy holiday season, however you choose to spend it. Enjoy the episode!

Highlights from Episode 165 of Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast
Main Discussion: A Swiftmas Carol
– Join us for A Swiftmas Carol, the story of an evil music executive named Scrooge who doubted Taylor Swift.
– The Ghost of Swiftmas Past takes us through Taylor’s most noteworthy accomplishments.
– What’s your favorite part of the 1989 era so far? The Ghost of Swiftmas Present has an interesting perspective.
– That awkward moment when music executives predicted 1989 wouldn’t sell very much its first week. Oops.
– Taylor’s someday BFF predicts her future. Rock n Roll Hall of Fame anyone?
– Beyonce, Jay-Z, JT, and Tay NEED to do an epic collaboration.
– Bah humbug! Use this Swiftmas Carol to convert the haters to lovers in your life. 
Other Topics:
– USA Today names Taylor Swift’s 1989 as Album of the Year. Check out Brian Mansfield’s article at usatoday.com
– The GRAMMYS proves that guys can hair flip too.
– Taylor Swift is a confirmed performer at the 2015 BRIT Awards in February! Get ready for an awesome performance.
– Santa and the elves help us out with the mini-segments. They’re Swifties too!
– What are Swifties listening to? “King” by Lauren Aquilina.

Episode 164 - HAPPY 25TH BIRTHDAY TAYLOR SWIFT! This week has been another crazy week of Taylor Swift news, from fashion shows to jingle balls to 25th birthday extravaganza! In Episode 164 of Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast, your hosts discuss all the Victoria’s Secret Fashion, Z100’s Jingle Ball in NYC, and Billboard’s Woman of the Year luncheon. What was your favorite event this week? Let us know, and enjoy the show!

Highlights from Episode 164 of Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast
Main Discussion: Taylor News – Victoria’s Secret & Jingle Ball
– What did you all think of Taylor Swift’s performances at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show?
– Taylor’s outfits proved that she is basically an honorary Victoria’s Secret angel.
– The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and feminism… do they compliment each other?
– HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAYLOR! She turned 25 years old on stage at Z100 Jingle Ball.
– Taylor Swift’s birthday party looked AMAZING.
– Our friend and fellow Swifty, Gena, got to present the Billboard Woman of the Year Award to Taylor Swift herself!!
– Taylor is keen on continuing the conversation about ensuring that artists and writers get fairly compensated for their work. 
Other Topics:
– Debate: Does Taylor Swift deserve to be the TIME Magazine Person of the Year?
– More dates have been added to the 1989 World Tour! Check them out at taylorswift.com/events.
– You know you’re a Swifty when your money randomly starts disappearing from your bank account during the 13 days of Taylor…. hmm wonder why.
– Swifties are listening to “Bones” by Alex G.

Episode 163 -- Who else has won Billboard Woman of the Year TWICE? No one, just Tay. In Episode 163 of Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast, we discuss all the latest goings-on in Taylor’s life, from the Jingle Ball in Los Angeles and London, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, her Grammy nominations, and Taylor’s Woman of the Year interview with Billboard. What do you think of Taylor’s recent accomplishments? They keep racking up! Enjoy the episode!

Highlights from Episode 163 of Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast
Main Discussion: Taylor News – Billboard to Jingle Ball
– Scott Borchetta, the President of Big Machine Records, will be a mentor on the next season of American Idol.
– Taylor Swift performs at three Jingle Ball events around the world. Is her setlist a hint at what she’ll perform on the 1989 tour? Taylor gave KIIS FM the details on her 1989 tour.
– Look out, Tay, three Grammy nominations coming your way!
– Taylor Swift becomes the two-time winner of Billboard’s Woman of the Year. Read her cover story on Writing Her Own Rules, Not Becoming a Cliche and the Hurdle of Going Pop.
– “I wouldn’t be a singer if I weren’t a songwriter. I have no interest in singing someone else’s words.” – TS
Other Topics:
– Get ready Aussies, Taylor Swift is bringing the 1989 tour to Australia!
– Taylor filmed the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show this week. Be sure to tune in on Dec. 9th on CBS!
– I don’t know about you, but Taylor Swift will be feeling TWENTY FIVE on Saturday!
– You know you’re a Taylor Swift when…
– What would Taylor do if she showed up to a concert and there were only guys in the audience?
– Swifties are listening to “The Hanging Tree” from the Hunger Games soundtrack.

Episode 162 -- Just because you’re clean don’t mean you can miss Taylor Talk! In Episode 62 of Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast, we discuss what Taylor Swift calls the most important song off her 1989 album, “Clean.” For Taylor, the song is about moving on passed a bad relationship, but you could also apply it to getting over any sort of tough situation. What do you think of the incredible imagery in “Clean”? We welcome your thoughts. Happy listening!

Highlights from Episode 162 of Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast
Main Discussion: “Clean” Song Analysis
– What is “Clean” about to you?
– We marvel at the imagery in nearly every single lyric in this song.
– It’s raining and she’s drowning, but she can finally breathe. What does this meeeean?
– What is the purpose of this song being the last song on 1989?
– Keep your fingers crossed that Taylor will perform “Clean” on tour!!
– We imagine what the music video for “Clean” could look like. 
Other Topics:
– That awkward moment when Taylor Swift sells more albums in her fifth week of 1989 than some artists ever sell.
– Don’t miss the 13 Days of Taylor deals at store.taylorswift.com!!
– You know you’re a Swifty when Sami gives you a lesson on how to sneak your headphones on in class. Hey, it’s a perfect (and secretive way) to listen to Taylor Swift!
– Swifties are listening to Imogen Heap, Taylor’s cowriter on “Clean.”
– This episode is dedicated to two very special pups, Hershey and Cooper.
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