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Episode 27 --

-We are back on our normal schedule with a "Small Talk, Work, and The Weather"

-Taylor Talk finds its way into USA Today

-Rick Barker gives songwriters a great exercise to get them writing everyday and always practicing

-Taylor will be performing "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" at the MTV VMA's on Sept. 6

-Find out how to vote for a chance to have Taylor Swift play a FREE concert at your school!!! 

-"We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" breaks a ton of records!!! Find out which!!

-If Swifties Ruled The World/You Know You're A Swifty When

-WWTD if she could be a regular person for one day? (regular as in not a celebrity)

-What Are Swifties Listening To? - Ed Sheeran

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Episode 26 - Maya's Tales

-Maya is BACK!!!!

-Rick Barker gives advice to aspiring artists to always be good to your fans, using Taylor's recent Web cast for examples on how to do it

-Our team dives deeper then we did in last week's Special Edition Episode, with a full analysis of Taylor's newest single "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" taking a look at who co-wrote it, our favorite lyrics, and the question everyone has been asking: WHO IS IT ABOUT?!?!

-Maya shares with us her tales about being part of the live audience at the Web cast

-WWTD if she came face to face with herself from when she was little?

-What Are Swifties Listening To?? - Kina Grannis

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We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together SPECIAL EDITION

-Listen in as our hosts take you through a step-by-step analysis of Taylor Swift's live Web cast from August 13 announcing her upcoming fourth album, "Red," including the release of her first single off of "Red" entitled "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together."

-We provide our expert analysis breaking down each of Taylor's responses to all the fan-submitted questions she received

-Go buy "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" from the iTunes store now!!! 

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Episode 24 -- 

-Meredith Swift watches the Olympics 

-Taylor supports our U.S. Olympians

-Vote for Taylor in the Do Something Awards

-Our hosts discuss Taylor's rumored relationship with Conor Kennedy to remind you it is still just a rumor!

-Belle finally names her cat!!  Find out what!! 

-The female hosts decide to dress Adam as Taylor Swift for Halloween - fun YouTube video of the make over to come with it! 

-WWTD if someone interrupted her wedding like the in "Speak Now?"

-What are Swifties Listening to? - "Too Good To Be True" by Edens Edge

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Episode 23 - A Place In This World

-Belle announces the release of her new book, "Secrets," dedicated to Taylor Swift

-Rick Barker gives advice to artists on how to maintain a realtionship with their fans in his Music Industry Blueprint "Tip of the Week"

-Vote for Taylor for the Do Something Awards

-Taylor Swift is NOT dating Patrick Schwarzenegger

-Ed Sheeran feels he and Taylor are musically compatible

-Our team breaks down Scott Borchetta's tweet giving us hints about Taylor Swift's 4th album

-We analyze Taylor's song "A Place In This World" off of her first album, and Belle actually agrees with Adam for once!!! 

-WWTD if she found out about Belle dedicating her book to her? 

-What Are Swifties Listening To? - "Postcard from Paris" by The Band Perry

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