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Episode 175 - Every day is like a battle, but every episode with us is like a dream. Here at Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast, we consider ourselves part of the “New Romantics” squad. What does the phrase “New Romantics” mean exactly? Who are these people and why are they singing heartbreak as their national anthem so proudly? Listen up to Episode 175 of Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast as we review the song that sums up the whole 1989 album. What do you think of “New Romantics”? Feel free to share your thoughts. Happy listening!

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Highlights from Episode 175 of Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast
Main Discussion: “New Romantics” Song Analysis
– The best people in life love “New Romantics.”
– Rob Sheffield of Rolling Stone listed “New Romantics” as the second best song of 2014! Steve was nice and made a Spotify playlist of these songs.
– You know Taylor Swift is an amazing lyricist when you can spend 10 minutes talking about two lines.
– Let’s play a game called “Find References to Other ‘1989’ Songs in New Romantics.” (hint: we found “Shake It Off” and “Blank Space”)
– What exactly are the “new romantics”? A 19th century artistic movement? The cool kids squad?
– The bridge…. what does it mean??
Other Topics:

– WE’RE NOMINATED FOR BEST ENTERTAINMENT PODCAST IN THE PODCAST AWARDS! Daily voting starts March 4th. We will remind you so you don’t forget.
– We love how Taylor constantly looks for ways to “take the narrative back” about herself from the media.
– “New money, suit and tie…” What did you think of Taylor’s “Blank Space” BRIT Awards performance?
– Taylor Swift’s Telegraph interview is a must-read. (Tay worries about being able to top “1989” for album number six!)
– If Swifties ruled the world, Taylor Swift would be able to freeze time so she could spend more time with her fans. 
– The Juno Awards will air on March 15th.
– The Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards are on March 28th.
– March 29th are the iHeartRadio Music Awards.
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