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Episode 76 - I Almost Do 

One of our favorite guest hosts, Eric from the All Guys Episode, joins us for Episode 76 of Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast to discuss one of the most poignant songs off the RED album, “I Almost Do.” Despite the sad nature of this week’s song discussion, we share some laughs over listeners’ creative mini-segment submissions and engage in a heated debate over what qualifies as being a true member of the Swifty community. Happy listening :)

In Episode 76 of Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast
- Listeners of the show sent in some pictures of Taylor in her glasses. Check em out!
- Be sure to watch the 2013 MTV VMAs! It will air this upcoming Sunday, August 25th 9pm. Taylor is nominated for Video of the Year and Best Female Video for “I Knew You Were Trouble.”
- We gasp at absurd ticket prices.
- Eric, our guest host, has listened to Taylor’s albums since the last time he was on! He’s more qualified as a host now.
- Tell Me Why: Do you think it’s okay to dislike some of Taylor’s stuff and still be a Swifty? Also, do you think that people should “leave” the Swifty community if they begin to dislike Taylor’s newer music as it evolves and her style changes, or stick around just in case?
- OMG! Adam hates cats! Don’t tell Meredith….
- Eric calls “I Almost Do” a ‘sleeper hit’ and it’s his favorite on the album.
- Taylor brings up a powerful point in this song… even after a break up and you don’t talk anymore, you still know the person.
- The lyrics are simple, but effective. All the hosts can relate to it in some way.
- Maya says “I Almost Do” is the phase of moving on where you tell all your friends you’re fine, but you go home at night and stare at your phone… it’s the stage of the break-up you go through alone.
- Why does Taylor change the ending to “I hope sometimes you wonder about me”?
- You know you’re a Swifty when your mom has a talk with you about your obsessive Taylor Swift podcast… oh wait.
- Swifties are listening to “The Heart of Dixie” by Danielle Bradbery
- In honor of Eric’s podcast, Mugglecast’s 8 year finale episode, our WWTD is Harry Potter themed!
- Adam’s so vain he thinks all podcasts are about him.

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