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Episode 75 - Will Swifties Ever Outgrow Taylor? 

In Episode 75 of Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast, Adam, Diane, and Steve discuss whether or not we will ever outgrow Taylor Swift. Spoiler alert: the answer is no! Duh! Listen up for countless reasons why Taylor Swift will always hold a special place in our hearts, as well as RED Tour updates, mini-segment fun, and more! Enjoy!

In Episode 75 of Taylor Talk: the Taylor Swift Podcast:

- Adam starts off the episode with a trivia question: which one of Taylor Swift's videos stars a former Tennessee Titans football player? Stay tuned because the answer is at the end of the episode!

- Taylor should take performance notes from The Script

- Want to know what's on Taylor Swift's bucket list? See the Marie Claire article "What's on: Taylor Swift" to find out! 

- Taylor Swift wears contacts? And glasses?

- Bowling for Soup admits they want to live like Award Show Taylor Swift.

- Taylor Swift won two Teen Choice Awards: Choice Female Country Artist and Choice Country Song for "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together"

- We shamelessly ask you to vote for Taylor in the MTV VMAs! Monday, August 12th is the LAST day to vote!!

- Steve likes to pretend Taylor Swift wrote "Hey Stephen" about him

- Diane is going to feel 22 on August 15th! You can wish her a happy birthday via twitter @notadumblond9.

- We answer some questions from ask.fm/taylortalk13 in our new segment: Tell Me Why.

- Do you think one day when we grow up we will stop liking Taylor Swift? Short answer... no!

- Adam relates this question to Harry Potter... because he relates everything to Harry Potter :)

- There's so much nostalgia associated with being a Swifty. We're always going to like her music, but maybe for a different reason in the future.

- "Taylor is a writer who tells stories. And stories live forever." - Adam Bromberg

- How can people relate to Taylor Swift if they haven't been in a relationship?

- You can enjoy music regardless if you can relate to the song or not. 

- We go through some awesome mini-segments!

- Steve and Adam should go on a bromantic man-date so Steve can tip the waiter $13.

- Adam has his own "You Know You're a Swifty When" moment!

- Foreign word of the day for Americans: "chemist" 

- For the people in long distance relationships, Swifties Are Listening to: "Gotta Get There" by Brett Eldredge. Brett Eldredge also opened for Taylor on the RED Tour!

- Adam's so vain... he probably thinks the email was about him. Or is it...?