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Episode 62 - Interview with Shane Drake, Director of the "Highway Don't Care" Music video

Prepare yourselves Swifties, you're in for a treat! Join Adam, Diane, and Steve for an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Shane Drake, the music video director of "Highway Don't Care." Shane Drake has worked with countless artists from Paramore to Kelly Clarkson, but he sits down with us in Episode 62 to discuss what it was like working with Tim McGraw, Taylor Swift, and Keith Urban to create this powerful music video. 

Have any questions for the director? Comment, tweet, or email us your questions, and we'll forward them along to Shane Drake and read his replies in future episodes of Taylor Talk. Enjoy!

In Episode 62:

- Listen up for our exclusive interview with Shane Drake, director of the "Highway Don't Care" music video

- Drake has worked with numerous artists in all genres including hip hop, pop, punk, but now he's trying his hand at country

- Drake worked closely with Tim to create the story of the video

- This was Shane Drake's first time meeting Taylor Swift, and he was very impressed!

- Who's idea was it really to have Tim McGraw walk around shirtless?

- We ask Shane Drake about his music video creating process

- Drake hopes to direct more of Taylor's videos in the future!

- International RED Tour dates have been announced: Taylor is going to Australia and New Zealand!

- Neither Taylor nor Ed will be in the "Everything Has Changed" music video

- If you're into fashion, you should enter Diet Coke's "Young Designer Challenge"!

- Reminder to watch the New Girl on May 14th! Be on the lookout for Taylor at white veil occasions! 

- Also, vote for Taylor for the 2013 Billboard Milestone Award! This is a fan voted award, so she has no excuse not to win!