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Episode 64 - Everything Has Changed

Join Adam, Maya, Diane, and Agustin for the 64th installment of Taylor Talk as we discuss "Everything Has Changed," a sweet acoustic duet featuring Ed Sheeran. You may remember Agustin from the All Guys Episode of Taylor Talk, and he was nice enough to return to offer his insight into the world of Taylor Swift! Agustin is known for his blog, The Swift Agency about the Agency and Taylor Swift, and on this episode of Taylor Talk, he adds comparing Agency members to creatures Alice encounters in Wonderland to his repertoire. Listen up to find out more! Enjoy ;)

In Episode 64:

- Taylor is performing in Australia near her birthday (12/13). Join the movement to wish her a very happy birthday via twitter @TaylorSwiftBday, Facebook, and Taylor Connect (See the episode guide on TaylorTalk.org for links).

- Taylor has been tweeting some HILARIOUS things recently!

- Check out Diet Coke's Extraordinary22.com for a chance to win tickets to see Taylor Swift in concert!

- Part Two of Keds Presents Taylor Swift on Style has been released

- Taylor Swift continues to snatch up nominations, this time for CMT and the Teen Choice Awards

- Happy Birthday Liz Huett!

- @TSwiftOnTour makes their debut for tour updates on Taylor Talk!

- Agustin is super excited for the return of the mini-segments!!

- So you just wanna know it better now know it better now.... we break apart "Everything Has Changed," the touching duet between Ed and Taylor

- Swifties are listening to "Statues" by Nina Nesbitt 

- What would Taylor do if she fell into a rabbit hole and wound up in Wonderland... what characters would each band member be?