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Episode 61 

Lately, the media has been debating whether or not Taylor Swift's music can be considered feminist. Our special guest, Erica Morgan, an up and coming country singer, joins Adam, Diane, and Steve to tackle this huge question: does Taylor's music empower women? Please let us know your own opinions on this topic by tweeting, emailing, or leaving us a voicemail! We'd love to hear your thoughts.

In Episode 61:

- We wish Grant Mickelson and Daniel Sadownick very happy (belated) birthdays!

- Jay Z's new song "$100 Bill" name drops Taylor Swift in his new song, but we're not sure how positive this is.

- Taylor Swift visits Lauren Murphy, a patient in critical condition at Cedar-Sinai hospital in LA, proof of her generous spirit.

- Taylor Swift is a confirmed performer at CMA Fest 2013 on Thursday, June 6th. Buy your tickets now!

- "Highway Don't Care" music video premieres on May 6th on Google+ Hangout and youtube.com/timmcgraw at 4pm CST. We'll discuss the video on next week's show

- Be sure to watch Taylor Swift on New Girl on May 14th

- VOTE for Taylor for the 2013 Billboard Milestone Award

- The hosts debate whether or not Taylor Swift empowers women

- We use the Huffington Post article "Sexism, Feminism, & Taylor Swift" as a launching pad

- Daily Beast interview with Taylor where she answers whether or not she considers herself a feminist

- The hosts go head to head in "Stump the hosts!" Got a tough Taylor trivia question? Send it in to Adam at taylortalk@taylorswift13.org

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