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Highway Don't Care - Episode 49

In this special edition of Taylor Talk, Adam, Diane and Haley break apart Taylor Swift's return to her country roots in "Highway Don't Care" just minutes after the song's release. After you've heard the hosts' opinions, be sure to tweet us @TaylorTalk13 to share your thoughts! We might read them on the next episode. 

In Episode 49:

Reminder to watch Taylor perform at the Grammy’s on CBS on Feb. 10th, 8/7c

The Diet Coke endorsement…. Yay or nay? We discuss the possibility that Taylor is promoting an unhealthy lifestyle.

Taylor Swift goes back to her country roots with Tim McGraw and Keith Urban in “Highway Don’t Care.” The hosts love it!!

Diane and Haley share their impressions of the story of the song.

The highway must be metaphorical… what does it represent? Another person? An escape?  A force? Regardless, the highway don’t care.

This is the first time in a long time Taylor was a featured singer in a song she did not help write – what impact does that have?

“Highway Don’t Care” is an homage to “Tim McGraw”  

We debate whether or not this song is lyrically similar to a Taylor Swift song.

Will Taylor perform “Highway Don’t Care” on the RED with special guests Tim McGraw and Keith Urban?? Nashville anyone? 

Adam encourages you to listen to “Highway Don’t Care” ANYWHERE!

Mini-segments will resume next episode. Be sure to send us your submissions! 

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