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Come Back, Be Here - Episode 51

In Episode 51:

- We wish a happy birthday to a Swifty with a VERY special birthday!

- Taylor heads to the UK before starting her RED tour next month... So start your count down! Only 23 days left! (as of 2/18)

- This week, Taylor snatched up some ACM and Kid's Choice awards nominations as well as filmed a music video in Malibu... "22" perhaps?

- The hosts discuss "Come Back... Be Here" a song that was HIGHLY requested among listeners ;)

- It seems almost ALL of Taylor's relationships have been long distance. Why did it take her so long to write a song about a LDR?

- Maya admits she relates to this song more than any other song on the album

- Taylor got the idea for this song from Maya and Diane. Obviously.

- Maya has never met Adam OR Diane... yet we consider each other close friends because we've talked online.

- The BIG Question: Who's this song about??

- Adam likes this song, even though he can't rock out to this in the car.

- Another round of Wheel of Taylor *drumroll*

- Please PLEASE leave a review and/or rate us five stars on iTunes

-What Are Swifties Listening To? "Wings" by The Little Mix

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