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Episode 59 - Collaborations

Taylor Swift has hosted with numerous artists in the past - rapper B.o.B., folksy Civil Wars, and the talented Ed Sheeran, but this week on Taylor Talk, the hosts pose the question: Who will Taylor Swift collaborate with next? We debate the possibility of her working with various artists and what these artists would add to her musicality and song writing. Have an idea about who you'd like to see Taylor collaborate with next? Email us: TaylorTalk@TaylorSwift13.org

In Episode 59:

- We welcome Maya back after a brief hiatus

- The 2013 Billboard Milestone Award is fan voted, so make sure to vote Taylor!

- Taylor recently tied in 10th place for MOST TOP 40 HOT 100 HITS with The Rolling Stones and Marvin Gaye

- Adam predicts B.o.B. as Taylor's special guest in Atlanta on April 19th

- MAIN DISCUSSION: Who should Taylor collaborate with next? 

- We debate whether or not a rap song would be a good idea for Taylor

- What about a Taylor Swift & Britney Spears collaboration? One host isn't so sure, but a few others like the idea.

- Adam roots for a Florida Georgia Line collaboration

- Lightening round of "Wheel of Taylor" puts the hosts against each other

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