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Epsiode 66 - Everything Has Changed Music Video

What do you get when you cross a young ginger with a wavy haired blonde?  The "Everything Has Changed" music video, of course!!  With it's release late in the evening on June 5th, "Everything Has Changed" has become the latest music video in Taylor Swift's line up.  Listen in as our team takes you through a fun and informational analysis of this brilliantly shot analysis.  Have your own thoughts on the video?  Leave them in the comments below! 

In Episode 66: 

-Adam and Steve are reporting from Nashville, TN at CMA Fest

-Buy your t-shirts fast! They’re selling like crazy! 

-As always, our partners @TSwiftOnTour provides us with a weekly tour update

-Adam has some issues pronouncing “Louisville” like the local Kentuckians (Taylor played a show there)

-Taylor played “Red” at the CMT Awards.  Think it’ll be the next country single? 

-We do a brief recap of the CMT Awards and what went on there

-Something really cool happened at Taylor’s CMA Fest performance.  Want to find out what? 

-“You Know You’re A Swifty When…”/”If Swifties Ruled The World…” 

-The team breaks down the brand new “Everything Has Changed” music video, asking questions like:

-Was the video supposed to be released when it was?

-Does the video fit the theme of the song?

-Who was cuter? Little Ed or Little Taylor?

-What did our panel think of the surprise ending?