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Episode 73

Taylor's so vain. She probably thinks this podcast is about her... oh wait. It is! lol. Join Adam, Diane, and Steve in brief but fun episode 73 of Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast as we discuss the new "Everything Has Changed" remix, Taylor's generosity, and RED Tour news. Happy listening! :)

In Episode 73 of Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast:

- Taylor Swift visited the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia with the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. Check out ryanseacrestfoundation.com for photos from the event.

- Adam wishes he could have gotten a $500 tip when he worked in food service. 

- Don't forget to vote for Taylor in the MTV VMAs!

- Did Taylor hint Carly Simon's special guest appearance on the RED Tour? 

- Main Discussion: We compare the original "Everything Has Changed" with the remix

- We theorize this remix could be the new US single

- How are they different musically? Lyrically? Why does Ed Sheeran suddenly have his own verse? 

- Adam admits he can't understand Ed Sheeran's British's accent... he needs a translation.

- Which do you prefer? Original or remix?

- Hey listeners, if you're going to see the RED Tour soon, let us know which version of the song Taylor & Ed perform on tour!

- "Everything Has Changed" the REMIX is now available on iTunes

- If Swifties Ruled the World, we wouldn't, obviously. Taylor (aka the Queen) would.

- We're all friends with Taylor Swift. She just doesn't know it yet... and that's not creepy at all.

- Swifties are Reading The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

- What are Swifties Listening to? the Lumineers.

- New Segment! "Adam is so vain because...." jk.