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Episode 100 - Happy ONE HUNDRED episodes Taylor Talk!! Your hosts -- Adam, Maya, Diane, and Steve -- celebrate by looking back on past episodes and how incredible podcasting has been and will continue to be, all thanks to our lovely listeners! We also answer several interesting ask.fm questions, like what songs we'd write with Taylor Swift if given the chance and debate on how we think Taylor Swift would like to be proposed to... Just wait and hear what the guys have to say about that one! Happy listening!

Highlights from Episode 100 of Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast

- Check out some highlights from our past 99 episodes in the Special Guests section of TaylorTalk.org for interviews with Charlie Worsham, Brian Mansfield, Declan Whitebloom, and more!

- Fun fact: there is enough Taylor Talk content to listen for nearly three days!

- Is it Swifty or Swiftie? Debate!

- What is the song that comes to your mind when you think of Taylor Swift?

- We dream about the songs we'd co-write with Taylor Swift if given the opportunity.

- Let's talk love and romance... how would Taylor Swift like to be proposed to? ;)

- The hosts discuss the paramount and unutterable way Taylor Swift has changed our lives, all for the better of course.