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Taylor Swift, Bon Jovi, and Prince William are 'Livin on a Prayer'! In this week's episode of Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast, we give you full coverage of Taylor Swift's appearance at the Winter Whites Gala. We discuss her individual performance as well as her duet with Bon Jovi and Prince William. We also answer a few ask.fm questions and Adam teaches everyone a festive turkey song for the American Thanksgiving holiday. Gobble gobble gobble! :)

Highlights from Episode 102 of Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast

- Taylor Swift met Prince William (or he met her) at the Winter Whites Gala.

- Bon Jovi invited Prince William and Taylor Swift to sing "Livin on a Prayer" with him

- What would Taylor do if she could record a song with Will?

- Shout out to our friend @TSwiftCAN, who was nice enough to help Adam prepare for this episode.

- That amazing moment when Taylor got to sing "Love Story" for a real prince and princess.

- We answer some listener ask.fm questions from ask.fm/taylortalk13.

- If Taylor was a guest on Taylor Talk, what would we ask her? (I'd die of happiness if this happened)

- Would you rather meet Taylor and become best friends with her, but never get to see her, or be her backup singer and not be great friends with her?

- What would you do if you found out your crush ran a podcast about a celebrity? Let us know!

- Adam makes sure you remember your turkey song for this year's Thanksgiving.