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Episode 90 - Which Taylor Swift song would we live in if we had the choice?  How do you join Taylor Connect (because you should)? Then we give some love to some great listeners. We also want to thank you all for nominating us for the 2013 Podcast Awards. It means so much to us and we appreciate your votes. We'll find out on November 1st if we've made it on the list, so keep your fingers crossed! Happy listening :)

Highlights from Episode 90 of Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast

- Fun Fact: If all of Taylor's twitter followers lined up to meet her, the line would be nearly 10,000 miles long!

- If you could live in a Taylor Swift song, which one would it be? 

- Diane choses "Our Song" to be Adam & Steve's bromance song.

- An ask.fm listener requests that Diane do the show alone. #awkward

- Did Taylor actually go to Disneyland recently? Did she have an awkward run-in with John Mayer?

- If you don't have an account on Taylor Connect, you should join :)

- We send some love to all the people who recently reviewed us on iTunes & the people who nominated us for the Podcast Awards. Thank you so much!

- You know you're a Swifty when you've listened to Taylor Talk so many times that you can recite the contact methods by heart (when Steve and Diane still can't do it...)

- The first LIVE show will be on Saturday, November 2nd at 3PM PST/6 PM EST/ 11 PM London / Sunday November 3rd at 9AM in Sydney, Australia

- Be sure to enter our "Taylor Through The Years" Contest! Enter at TaylorTalk.org/Contest. You can enter once per day.

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