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Episode 80 - UNEDITED

Because one Taylor Talk episode a week isn't enough... we've recorded a special mid-week episode just for you! In this unplanned, unedited version of Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast, we answer some listener ask.fm questions as well as cover Taylor's CMA nominations. And since Adam doesn't tend to pay attention to what his co-hosts are saying, we hope you will. Happy listening!  

Highlights from Episode 80 of Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast

- Never done before - We just hit the "record" button and let it go!  No editing, no script, but all the fun!

- What Taylor song is the most relatable in our lives right now?

- FYI: Diane is not related to JLo.

- What are our least favorite Taylor Songs?

- Adam is never in the mood for slow songs. Like ever.

- The pessimists on the show don't think Taylor will win that many CMA awards. Unfortunately. 

- We rehash the time old question: is Taylor still country?

- Be sure to send your Adam is so vain submissions to Diane (@notadumblond9)