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Episode 84 - Two Taylor Talk episodes again this week? YES! In Episode 84 of Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast, Adam, Maya, Diane, and Steve answer more of your ask.fm questions. We talk about our own personal hairbrush songs, how many amazing listeners we have in Alaska, and being fans of Taylor Swift, among other cool listener submitted questions. This is another one of our unedited episodes, so we hope you enjoy it! Happy listening and be sure to tune in for another new episode of Taylor Talk next Monday.

Highlights From Episode 84 of Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast

- This is Maya's first unedited episode of Taylor Talk. Brace yourselves. ;)

- Adam likes listening to the tall, dark, and handsome Luke Bryan.

- Steve talks about how he became a Swifty.

- We theorize about why the RED tour was so much shorter than Speak Now and Fearless.

- Alaskan listeners, we love you! All 700+ of you!

- We encourage the secret Swifties not to be ashamed of their love for Taylor.

- Taylor Swift likes her exes so much she buys tank tops with their names on it.

- Leave us a question on our ask.fm/taylortalk13 for next week!

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