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Episode 78 - 

This week in Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast, Adam, Maya, Diane, and Steve discuss one of Taylor's earlier songs: "Tied Together With A Smile." Taylor wrote this song when she was in high school for a friend who had an eating disorder. She paired a soothing melody with beautiful lyrics to create an incredibly uplifting song, even though the subject matter is a downer. Despite the heavy song topic, your hosts never fail to provide you with laughs and lively discussions about Taylor's f-bomb at the VMAs, Harry Styles, and future Taylor & Ed Sheeran collaborations. Enjoy the show!

Highlights from Episode 78 of Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast
- Coming Soon: a new Taylor Swift song! Stay tuned for more details.
- Ed Sheeran clears up why Taylor dropped the f-bomb in a conversation with Selena Gomez at the VMAs.
- Sami gives us the weekly RED Tour Wrap-Up from @TSwiftonTour.
- Even though Taylor Swift and Harry Styles are never ever getting back together, are they cordial?
- Tied Together with a Smile. Proof Taylor Swift doesn't just write about romantic relationships.
- Adam encourages Steve to write a song about Taylor Swift.
- You know you're a Swifty when you want to trade in the penny for a thirteen dollar bill.
- Adam and Maya launch into an impromptu debate: will Taylor and Ed Sheeran do another collaboration?
- Swifties are listening to "Fools" by Lauren Aquilina