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In the latest episode of Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast, our team dives into a discussion of Taylor's newest song released on iTunes, "The Moment I Knew."  Don't worry though, before we tear your hearts to pieces and make you (and Belle) cry, we're gonna make you laugh your butts off with an impromptu trivia question, a random math lesson and more!!

In Episode 46: 

-The rumors are true, and I (Adam) did in fact miss an episode of Taylor Talk to attend a Justin Bieber concert, and I do a brief comparison of his concert verses Taylor's

-Don't forget, while there is not a specific Taylor Talk app, there IS a Podcasts app where you can subscribe and listen to Taylor Talk

-Belle shares her story of attending the People's Choice Awards and seeing Taylor there

-Is Meredith the most famous cat in the world?? 

-Based on a submission for "If Swifties Ruled The World.." we bust out in an impromptu trivia contest between Belle and Haley

-A submission also results in me (Adam) teaching my co-hosts a fun math lesson!  Seriously.. It's more fun than it sounds! 

-In our main discussion, we take listeners through Taylor's latest iTunes release, "The Moment I Knew"

-Does it have any connection to "22?"

-Why is Taylor so literal with this very sad song, but her happy songs are so metaphorical?

-Belle and I seriously want to punch the male character in the face!

-What makes this song so powerful? 

-What is the difference between the male and female perspective on "The Moment I Knew?"

-Will "The Moment I Knew" be included on the RED Tour? 

-Why is this the only song from the RED Deluxe Edition to be released as a single? 

-WWTD if Taylor was locked in an elevator and the elevator music was "Gangnam Style" on repeat?

-What are Swifties Listening To? "I'm Alright" - @JerseyGreen13

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