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A new year is upon us!! It's now 2013, the year of Swift, but let's not forget 2012. Join Belle, Maya, Diane, and Haley in this New Years episode as they discuss Taylor's last moments of 2012 and speculate on what's to come for Swifties in 2013. We're thinkin big here. 

In Episode 45:

-All the girls bring you the first episode of 2013 while Adam is away on "business" (aka a Justin Bieber concert)

-Is Adam a Belieber now?  Uh oh!

-Taylor's performance at Dick Clark's Rockin' New Years Eve was the best of the night!  Our hosts talk about their favorite parts of it and more, such as whether or not Taylor has to approve Grant's crazy outfits. LOL

-The ladies take you in a time machine back through 2012 to discuss their favorite moments in the world of Taylor

-THEN the time machine fasts forward and takes a look at what's to come in the YEAR OF SWIFT, 2013: What singles would we like to see?  What do we think will NOT become a single?  What are our plans for the RED Tour?? (Diane hasn't got tickets yet, so shame on her! :-P) 

-WWTD if at the RED tour, Adam jumped on stage, took the microphone from Taylor, and said "Listen to Taylor Talk.. oh.. and.. I love you, Taylor," handed the mic back and was tackled by 13 body guards? 

-What are Swifties Listening To? - “Shut Up,” “Kiss Me” and “According to You” by Orianthi

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