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Starlight - Episode 42

-In a brief recap from our "All Too Well" discussion last week, Taylor Talk listener, Rebecca, emails in with a non-literal interpretation of the song

-This episode is being released on Taylor's birthday, so HAPPY BDAY TAY!! 

-Find out which host thinks "Gangnam Style" is the "worst piece of garbage" ever!

-"This episode of Taylor Talk is brought to you by: Squirrel Pajamas"

-An in-depth discussion of "Starlight" includes: 

-"Starlight" is "Kennedy Fan Fiction"

-How "Starlight" gives insight into the era in which it takes place - ie. using words and phrases of the era, shows what life was like in that time period, etc.

-Where the song references a famous Bobby Kennedy quote

-How the song reminds us of an old school Taylor song going all the way back to her first album, <em>Taylor Swift</em>

-The music of "Starlight" has a very Peter Pan feel to it

-Adam points out that my prediction that there would be a Kennedy-themed song on <em>Red</em> proved true!

-Will this song be on the Red Tour and how will it be portrayed? -- Should Taylor bring out Ethel as a special guest? LOL

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