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All Too Well - Episode 41

"All Too Well" is quite definitely one of the best songs Taylor Swift has ever written.  It tells a beautiful story beginning to end.  Looking at the imagery, the constant reappearances of Taylor's scarf and more, our team seeks to reveal the deep meanings behind this masterpiece.

In Episode 41

-Adam has TWO knock-knock jokes this week!!

-Following up to last week's discussion, koalas DO in fact have fragile ribcages

-If Swifties Ruled The World/You Know You're A Swifty When...

-An in-depth analysis of "All Too Well"

-Explore the meaning behind the song

-We study the lyrics in depth examining things such as imagery in the song and the use of the reappearing scarf

-Does the music match the emotions of the song? 

-What does the secret message of the song reveal?

-Will "All Too Well" make it onto the RED Tour and how will Taylor portray it live on stage?

-WWTD if a fan threw a bra on stage? 

-What Are Swifties Listening To? - "Love is Easy" by McFly

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