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Episode 39 - Holy Ground

Where we podcast... is Holy Ground. LOL.  Join Belle, Maya and Diane for an all-girls analysis of "Holy Ground."  In one of the best song analyses yet, the ladies dig deep into what the song is about, who it's about, and ultimately conclude that it's one of Taylor's most baffling songs yet!

In Episode 39:

-It's another all-girls discussion!!

-The Taylor Talk Twitter contest winner is announced.  Find out who won.

-Our panel is absolutely blown away by Taylor Swift's performance at the American Music Awards (watch the video in the episode 39 guide at www.TaylorTalk.org)

-At the request of a Taylor Talk listener, we discuss "Holy Ground"

-What is it about?

-Who is it about?

-What does the secret message mean? "When you came to the show in SD" (hint/spoiler: Joe Jonas never went to the show in San Diego)

-What do the lyrics mean "i guess we fell apart in the usual way?"  Is there any connection to "Oh, a simple complication/Miscommunications lead to fall-out" from "The Story of Us?"  Is that how you fall apart in the usual way?

-WWTD if Austin became a bigger pop star than she is?

-What Are Swifties Listening to? - "You" by Emily Brooke

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