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Episode 21 - Our Song

-Taylor Talk gets a Facebook page!! Go "Like" it!! Facebook.com/TaylorTalk13

-We added a new voicemail system for you to call in and let your voice be heard on Taylor Talk!!  You can either dial (240) 31-SWIFT or visit TaylorTalk.org and click "Send Voicemail" on the side of the screen

-Good news, everyone!! Taylor Talk is switching back to a weekly format!!  Join us every week for a ton of Taylor fun!

-Rick Barker (Taylor's former manager) shares a tip on how aspiring artists can best use YouTube to promote themselves.

-The Taylor Talk team analyzes "Our Song"

-Adam has an epiphany regarding the meaning behind "Our Song"

-WWTD if she could no longer write music? 

-What Are Swifties Listening To? -- "All About Us" by He is We

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