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This is a Taylor Talk episode like you've never heard before.  In this super-long, super-fun new episode, we beef up the panel with loads of testosterone by giving our weekly female panelists the boot.  Instead, I (Adam) am joined by three special guests: Agustin of TheSwiftAgency.com, Eric of MuggleCast and Game of Owns Podcast fame, and Steve whose Taylor Swift YouTube videos have been spotted in countless news articles around the world.  Ever wonder what it's like in the mind of a male Swifty?  Listen to Episode 54 to find out.

In Episode 54: 


- How did this group of guys become Taylor fans? 

- How can male listeners relate to songs written from a female perspective?

- What's it like being a guy in a predominantly female fanbase?

- Are you ever uncomfortable being a guy in a crowd of teenage girls at a Taylor Swift concert? 

- Sponsorship from Diet Coke vs Covergirl: Why should a guy care who sponsors Taylor?

- Where's all the male merch?!?!  

- Do you ever think Taylor unfairly represents males in her songs? 

- Finally, do guys like Taylor Swift for her music or because she's "hot?" 


- Our all-male panel discusses the highly controversial quote from Taylor Swift's Vanity Fair article: 

"There's a special place in hell for women who don't help other women.

- Find out why our male cast thinks this quote was taken out of context, who ACTUALLY said it and more.

- To keep in touch with our guys, follow them on Twitter: Agustin (@TheSwiftAgency), Eric (@Spielerman), and Steve (@SteveDitch)

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