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Episode 92 - Couldn't get enough of "Sweeter Than Fiction?" Neither could we. Join Adam, Steve, and our friend Eric in Episode 92 of Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast for Part 2 of our "Sweeter Than Fiction" discussion. We were so excited about all the amazing insight you guys emailed us, that we had to share! So now this entire episode is a discussion about YOUR emails!! Happy listening!

Highlights from Episode 92 of Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast

- Eric rejoins us for this "Sweeter Than Fiction" recap episode.

- That awkward moment when Australian iTunes got Taylor Talk's "Sweeter Than Fiction" discussion faster than the actual song itself.

- We discuss some AWESOME listener emails. You guys have tons of insight into "Sweeter Than Fiction."

- A listener points out how similar "Change" and "Sweeter Than Fiction" actually are.

- "This is either where you prove the people who like you right, or the people who hate you right." 

- Is it LIFE is sweeter than fiction or LOVE is sweeter than fiction?

- We theorize about whether or not this song is representative of Taylor's future fifth album.

- The boys go off on an 80's tangent... John Hughes anyone?

- Dear Andrea Swift, "Dream Adam" does all his own stunts.

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