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STATE OF GRACE - Episode 34

-Our hosts give their initial reactions to "State of Grace" having just heard it for the first time

-I know it doesn't happen often, but we made a mistake last week and offer a retraction: The bonus materials on the Target Deluxe Edition of Red HAVE been officially released and include: The Moment I Knew, Come Back... Be Here, Girl At Home, Treacherous (Original Demo Recording), Red (Original Demo Recording), State of Grace (Acoustic Version)

-If you nominate Adam to win a trip to see Taylor on Good Morning America, I will bake you a homemade cheesecake!!!  If you nominate Belle, she will bake cookies

-Probably the COOLEST thing this episode, we share a VERY scientific method a listener used last week to accurately predict the release of "State of Grace" as this week's single!!

-We discuss the unique cover art released with "State of Grace"

-It's amazing how "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" and "State of Grace" provide such contrasting views of the EXACT SAME PERSON!

-Finally, despite what the other hosts say, I (Adam) think music should name a new genre "Taylor Swift" since she doesn't fit into any other genre

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