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Episode 70 - Red Music Video

First there was "Fearless," then "Sparks Fly," and now there's "Red!" Taylor Swift's RED Tour concert music video is out, which couples the "Red" single with clips from the concert. Your hosts, Adam, Maya, Diane, and Steve, give you their very honest opinions about the "Red" video and compare it to previous tour music videos. Be sure to listen up for lively discussion and leave us your thoughts about the "Red" video. Enjoy!

In Episode 70:

- Check out photos from Taylor's 4th of July Celebration on her blog

- If you're a teen (and if you're not), you should vote for Taylor Swift for the 2013 Teen Choice awards

- Adam visits the fragrance section of Macy's to find "Taylor"

- "If Swifties Ruled the World / You Know You're A Swifty When"

- What would happen if we unleashed the wrath of Swifties on the haters?

- To be honest, none of the hosts were super overwhelmed with the RED Tour music video

- "Red" may not have been the right song for the tour video

- Could "Holy Ground" or "State of Grace" have made a better tour video?

- We compare the "Sparks Fly" and "Fearless" videos with "Red"

- Does the feeling you get when you hear "Red" match the feeling you get at a Taylor concert?

- Adam wishes the song "Red" would have been made into a narrative music video instead

- Taylor tends to use country singles for her tour music videos

- "Sparks Fly" timed the clips with the music much more than the "Red" video did

- The "Fearless" video included beyond the scenes clips, which, according to Maya, is even cooler than concert clips

- "Fearless" captured the fan experience, probably more so than the others

- Diane wants a time machine to see the Speak Now Tour again

- Look out guys! Steve is directing the next tour video ;)

- Send us your rating of the "Red" video on a scale of 1-13

- A listener question did stump ONE of the hosts!

- Don't forget to send us your feedback and content submissions!

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