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Episode 69 - Paper Doll vs. Dear John

Taylor Swift and John Mayer's alleged romance may be so four years ago, but it might not be in the past for John Mayer. His newest single, entitled "Paper Doll", could be about none other than Taylor Swift. Your Taylor Talk hosts dissect the lyrics of "Paper Doll" to try and figure out if this song is Mayer's response to Taylor's "Dear John" or just a publicity move. Either way, give "Paper Doll" and "Dear John" another listen and join us for lots of laughs and insight in episode 69 of Taylor Talk.

In Episode 69:

- Reminder: this is the last week to play Taylor Swift Jeopardy & send us your scores 

- If you haven't bought a Taylor Talk t-shirt and you wear an XL, hurry, because we've only got a few left.

- Taylor Swift just hit 30 million followers this week!

- @TSwiftonTour brings you your weekly RED Tour Update

- Taylor Swift played "Long Live" for the first time on the RED tour in Vancouver

- YKYASW if your boyfriend cheats on you, you skip the sad songs and skip to revenge songs like "Picture to Burn"

- Main Discussion: "Paper Doll" by John Mayer as a possible response to Taylor's "Dear John"

- Is "Paper Doll" a dissection of Taylor Swift as a person? 

- Maybe Taylor doesn't "know what she's running from"

- "Sure was fun being good to you" as a direct reply to Taylor's message from "Dear John"

- John Mayer may have referenced "22" and "Red" in "Paper Doll"

- Maya is SUPER creeped out by one of the lyrics in "Paper Doll"

- Similarity between the "paint you another sky" lyrics ("Someone's gonna paint you another sky" / "You paint me a blue sky and go back and turn it to rain")

- Check out Vanity Fair's list of Taylor Swift's outfits referenced in "Paper Doll"

- Adam thinks "Paper Doll" was a huge publicity move for John Mayer, not necessarily an emotional outburst

- Some Taylor Talk listeners weigh in on whether or not "Paper Doll" is about Taylor Swift

- Return of Stump the Hosts

- Diane and Taylor Swift have the same shoe size! So exciting ;)

- Swifties are listening to "Who I Am" by Jessica Andrews 

- Maya and Diane come out of the closet as internet nerds.... DFTBA

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